Lately, I’ve taken more photos than usual … it’s like making up for the three weeks, when Gerry was in France and it rained all the time.

This morning, nothing is really pressing on my mind, but I still wanted to show Lepreau Falls. They are, of course, much more impressing in the Spring … but still. They are not too far from here, and we finished off yesterday’s little drive with stopping there.

This covered bridge, that I’ve seen many times before, was embedded in lupines … Gerry, who really has the eye for things like that, suggested a shot of it…

If the weather would only stay like this all summer … what a marvellous time it would be …

Like I said … nothing feels pressing today, except going to the laundry! 🙂 Maybe I’ll write another one later on… We have another beauty of a day here.


7 thoughts on “Pictures”

  1. Both lovely pictures – the waterfalls look so refreshing and the lupines framed by the bridge… Even the shape of the tips of the lupines are picked up again by the tips of the trees! Striking!

  2. I love seeing your part of the world. The lupins are lovely, and I bet those falls are stunning in the spring. They look good now, though too. Thanks for the chance to see them.

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