Hanover Street

It’s a small dead-end-street in an industrial area here in Saint John. It ends up at Marsh Creek, which is really stinky — especially at low tide. Sometimes, it looks really nice, though … especially when you consider its location — almost in the center of the city! Β The only thing about Hanover Street is that it makes it convenient to get to Marsh Creek, and it’s a place where you supposedly could see many birds. They say that it’s a place for migrating birds to stop over. Sometimes I ask myself why I keep going there, as most of the time there are gulls and mallards. Then again … there are those days when it pays off, and that keep us going back. Yesterday was one of those days.

We’d been thinking of going a bit south, down to Dipper Harbour and those places, when Gerry discovered there was a slow leak in one of the front tires. That had to be fixed. We were down by the Reversing Falls when he noticed it. I’d even brought the tripod because I wanted, once again, to practice with that filter I bought some time ago. I didn’t feel that I had the full grip of how to use it, but now I’d gotten a little help from Glasgow πŸ™‚ The tide was running out, which was a good thing for this purpose … moving water, that’s what I wanted. There was a cruise ship in yesterday … hence bus loads of tourists there, so I only shot a few, just to see that I got it to work.

A nice mix of sun and clouds made for a pleasant photo shoot of the usual pulp mill –not the bright, unforgiving midday sun … which sure can be nice, but also makes for somewhat difficult, shooting conditions.

Now, I almost lost my train of thoughts … while we waited for the tire to get fixed, we just drove around a little aimlessly in the city, and eventually ended up on Hanover Street — my subject for today!

I love ducks … waterfowl. Don’t think anyone could have missed that, if you read this blog. Always hoped to see a Wood Duck, and yesterday was the day. As I got out of the car on Hanover Street, I saw a Blue Heron about to land, so I was just about to see where he was going to go, when I spotted some odd looking duck on the little ‘island’. Lo and behold … finally, a male Wood Duck! Of course, I was too far away for a real, great shot, but still … I got a few, and he’s in full plumage too. He made my day! πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “Hanover Street”

  1. He is a lovely bird. not many places here to shoot ducks. One park I go to has a few but it is the same group. Rarely anything new.

    1. I think it’s quite rare here too, Julie-Ann. Saint John is on the route for migrating birds, but I haven’t seen many. We’re supposed to get those fields of snow geese, but I’ve only seen one goose and he had probably mis-navigated somehow πŸ™‚

    1. I sure was, Barb πŸ™‚ They are so beautiful! There are two more ducks that are really spectacular [Mandarin and Harlequin], but I love the colours of this one so much..

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