First Day of Summer

Happy Summer, bloggeroos!

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23 thoughts on “First Day of Summer”

    1. Thank you, Janine …for stopping by 🙂 I can appreciate that, that you guys have had summer for quite some time. We had a very rainy Spring here..

  1. happy summer to you too and thank you for sharing this beauty with us today. Hoping the sun will start to shine here in Nova Scotia and I won’t have to heat the house 2-3 times a week.

    1. Joss, I think I could see clouds lined up over NS today 🙂 That’s too bad … about heating in June! This building is too hot so we never turn the heating on…

      1. It was gorgeous here!! Low 80s. No humidity. A bit too much wind but who cares!! Almost chilly tonite!!! Wish it would last all summer.

    1. Thank you, Barb …. even though I know it so well, it feels confusing to think about … the southern hemisphere 🙂 Especially when we change the time!

  2. Beautiful… I love Lupins, particularly. There was a nature reserve near where we used to live when we were in London, and one small area was absulutely filled with lupins! Can I also see chive flowers there or wild garlic/wild onion? Or is it an imitator? And the daisies… (I’ve forgotten the name of that particular kind, they’re tall ones I think, aren’t they?)

    1. Thank you, Val … I love it too — especially when there are fields, filled with them … when the colours, white, purple and pink mix in together.. Names of flowers aren’t my strong point. Isn’t it just a clover?! The particular names of daisies, I’ve no idea of…

    1. yes, that’s so true, Judith … I looked at the pictures I’d taken yesterday, and realized that they could just as well have been shot back home … a great deal of trees and flowers are the same..

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