Aversion towards Buick?

This gull was behaving really strange yesterday. There were several cars lined up beside the duck pond. For the longest time, he kept pecking on this Buick Allure … no other car … tried to bite it, screaming at it. It was really weird! The owner wasn’t around.

He was still there when we left.


12 thoughts on “Aversion towards Buick?”

    1. Yeah?! That’s a thought! One of my cats used to think that when she was a kitten …. she saw an image of herself in the kitchen cupboard doors… she hissed at it! πŸ™‚

  1. I am familiar with some wild birds’ behaviour, but this really is weird! I wonder if it’s something to do with the pattern in the hubcap? Maybe it sees something like a bird shape in it?

    A while back my sister gave us a bird feeder carved from a coconut (or wood sphere, not sure) and it has little birds on the sides. In profile, the whole thing looks like a strange bird and none of our winged friends would go anywhere near it, so we moved it to the front. Birds still won’t go near it.

    1. Val, Yeah, I think he either saw some kind of reflection of himself or if there was something in there… either way, he was acting really crazy and agitated!

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