the return of the poppy

Some time ago, I downloaded GIMP. It’s an open-source photo editor, and it’s free.

Have had it before, but it’s been a long time and I found it too confusing back then. Thought I’d give it a try again since it’s constantly being updated and I like to see what’s going on.

It was like a whole different world opened up and most of it I didn’t understand. Thought I’d make an attempt at creating my usual, blue orb at least…. just to see what I could do with it.

There would be a lot to learn to take full advantage of it, and I don’t know that I’ll even start, but I’ve seen amazing work being created with it.

made from scratch in PSP, by meI have another photo editor, for whatever little editing I do. While Gerry was in France, I tried once again, to get back into creating graphics, but it just didn’t work. It can’t be forced.

I love the idea of GIMP, though … the fact that it’s free for everyone to download. You don’t have to be «filthy rich» to create graphics, when you’re so inclined! There are others too …, aviary, pixlr just to mention a few…

made from scratch in PSP9I’ve never picked up a paintbrush in my whole life … I’ve done some pencil drawing … but I did do some «virtual» painting for a while. It was a lot of fun, but also difficult, using just the mouse. Sometimes rewarding. This poppy, and the lilies too, I made totally from scratch. If I’d been into painting in ‘real life’, so to speak, Georgia O’Keefe would have been my inspiration. Now, when I’ve been searching for my own images for this post, I can still remember how much fun I had making these… I didn’t know about Georgia O’Keefe when I made these. Found out about her in some graphics challenge we had back in Yahoo 360. What a revelation that was to me! A person who had already painted what I wanted to do.


14 thoughts on “the return of the poppy”

  1. you have such a creative mind and eye. Have you ever considered taking painting classes? There’s an excellent movie about her life. I watched it last year and thought it was great. it is called “Georgia O’keefe”.
    oh and I love these images. wow. the lilies especially. you did that from scratch? wow!!

    1. Joss, To tell you the truth … NO, and now it seems the camera has taken over whatever interest I might have had. If I come across that movie I’ll make sure to watch it … didn’t know there was one..

  2. I still remember your orbs that you were always creating in Y360… I was always jealous that you could do that.
    I remember some of your beautiful Christmas ornaments orbs that you createc. I always thought how beautiful they were and how they woud have made beautiful Christmas cards.

    I have one of your created Valentines /heart pages as a background in my digital scrapbook pages…. Maybe someday I will download the program and try it out.

    1. Linda, Thanks … I think, were I ever to do something, it would rather be pencil drawing. I really liked that..

  3. You are so creative Rebekah, you just have the knack for it! I love the poppy and the lilies and it’s amazing to think you did them from scratch.
    Think I’ll have to have another look at Gimp myself – I have it, but haven’t used it much.

    1. Barb, Thank you so much … I tried to get back into that, but like I said … it just doesn’t work. I have both gimp and another one sitting on the computer, so they’re there, should I ever feel like it.

  4. Very pretty! I keep meaning to try GIMP. I use Photoshop Elements all the time for my painting and photo colouring work, but haven’t tried other programs (apart from a cut down version of PSP which I wasn’t too keen on).

    1. Hi Val, and thanks! 🙂 When I started all this, it was with PSP9, full version. Then, I got the opportunity to try Photoshop CS2. In a way, I wish I had not. Now I no longer have CS2, I’m back with PSP10. If I’d stuck with PSP in the first place, I wouldn’t have known about anything else LOL

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