Thanks for Sharing!

Marmots on Fort Howe. The little one couldn’t find the other peanut I’d thrown, so he or she tried to get in on the mother’s πŸ™‚

Two of my blogging buddies had posted blogs that really put me in the sharing spirit this morning. Enjoy!

Things like these little guys here above, inspire me … make me happy. Sometimes just a colour can make me happy … it doesn’t have to be the vibrant, blood red colour of the wild poppy … some days in could even be a more subdued colour scheme like this.
We’re all walking in beauty … it’s just a matter of paying attention πŸ˜‰




10 thoughts on “Thanks for Sharing!”

  1. “We’re all walking in beauty, it’s just a matter of paying attention”. so true, dear friend. Thank you for link to my poem and also to An Invitation to Happiness. Life does invite us, every day, doesn’t it? We need to say ‘yes’ more often.
    walk in beauty.

    1. Joss, Yes! If we could just start out each day with an open mind … ‘saying yes’… we’d see so much more of that beauty and smile so much more πŸ™‚

    1. Julie, Yes, love the groundhogs … from the first time I ever laid eyes on one! The colours of that grass kind of spoke to me that day..

  2. Hi,
    Great photo’s of the animals, the little one just didn’t want to miss out.
    So true that we walk in beauty, it is a pity that some are too blind to see or just too busy I think.

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ Yes, most people nowadays have a very busy lifestyle … I’m just thankful to no end, to be able to live this way..

  3. Look how much pleasure we get out of seeing the photos you have shared of those marmots with the peanut -it stirs something inside us, like an awakening.
    There is beauty all around us in the simplest of things – we have have to stop and look.

    1. Barb, That’s so good to hear … and imagine all the new stuff you have to discover all around you there, in your new place… I’m so looking forward to both seeing and reading. I totally love how this blogging thing has turned out πŸ™‚

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