Have you noticed ….

the new buttons in the comments section? Now those without a WordPress account can use their Facebook- or Twitter account when they want to leave a comment!

This new feature was introduced last week. It’s rather cool. Each time I post a blog, I have it set to appear in Facebook too. Sometimes I get comments in Facebook that really belong here in the blog.

That brings me to the daily topic from WordPress today.What one feature do you wish WordPress.com had

I don’t know if my one wish is even do-able: I wish that when they post comments in Facebook, it would appear in the blog too and vice versa.

Otherwise I’m really happy with wp.com … everything is very well thought out … the global tagging system … that I can reply to comments by email, for example. Those were two of the things that made me move from self-hosted wp.org to .com.


8 thoughts on “Have you noticed ….”

  1. That is a brilliant suggestion Rebekah because I too, post my blog on FB and get a lot of comments there; having them appear on our actual blog as well, would be terrific. I hope you suggested it to WP.

    1. Yeah … I wonder if it’s at all possible. There was a guy who made a, so called, plug-in, in the other, self-hosted WordPress, but it never really worked fully. Well, it worked, but in FB it looked like I’d commented on my own posts.. It would be really cool though 😀

  2. I have noticed those buttons. Cool!

    My blog goes from Posterous, to WP, to Tumblr, to Twitter, to FB. They all go at once from Posterous. I write it in Windows Live Writer.

    1. That’s a great solution, Julie-Ann. For several years I believed that if I cross-posted, my blog wouldn’t appear in Google search results, because someone had told me so. That’s not true … it’s a myth. I had Posterous and loved it, but at some point I guess I just felt that I wanted to make up my mind about one place…

    1. Marge,
      yes, I love this approach of WordPress… how they are always open to suggestions and improvements. There are few web sites that I like as much as WP … mainly because it’s so well thought out. In the beginning, when I was thinking of something I wanted to do here, there was almost always a function already in place for that. Flickr is the only one I can think of that comes even close in the way of user-friendliness.

      Posterous is an extremely cool blogging site too. If my memory serves me right, it’s been around since perhaps 2007… started by two guys out in Cal. and it just keeps getting better. It’s based on the idea that you send your blog posts as emails to yourself…

    1. Joss, Even though I’m not a huge fan of FB, I just have to surrender to the fact that everyone and his dog has an account … it’s not like it’s going to go away any time soon. But I think I feature like this … if it’s even possible … would take a lot of integration with FB, and question is … would they want that?!

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