Covered Bridges of New Brunswick …

… are numerous. I’ve read somewhere that New Brunswick has the most covered bridges in Canada. I haven’t even seen half of them. Here’s a ‘new’ one … Bell Bridge.

I’m not feeling well at all so today’s post will be short. Could sense that I was probably coming down with something this morning but it wasn’t too bad. Over the day it has ‘unfolded’, and I can hardly remember when I felt this bad from a common cold.


22 thoughts on “Covered Bridges of New Brunswick …”

  1. I love seeing photos of the covered bridges, they are so unusual – and all so very different.
    Sorry to hear you are not feeling too good Rebekah; get better soon and I hope it doesn’t linger around like mine did. Take care – get Gerry to spoil you!

    1. Thanks … I hope so too, but we have rather hot weather coming up and those are not the best conditions… they tend to linger on. Can’t complain — it’s been so many years since I had one..

  2. Hi,
    You see a lot of these covered bridges in some movies, we don’t have anything like these in OZ, I think they are very unusual, and they do look different. It makes you wonder why they went to all the trouble of enclosing these bridges.
    I certainly hope you will be feeling better soon, nothing worse than not feeling well, I agree with barb19 make sure Gerry spoils you.

    1. I had no idea they even existed, until I saw Bridges in Madison County with Clint Eastwood. There is some explanation why they did that but I forget..

    1. Linda,
      Thanks for the tips.. 😀 Might try some green tea with honey and lemon. My whiskey drinking days are over long time ago.
      Chicken soup has to be home made, I’ve heard … I doubt that Campbell’s will do it 🙂

  3. covered bridges were made to get horses across the rivers without them being spooked. Especially where horses were used to pull logs or heavy loads…

  4. Great picture!

    Hoppas verkligen att du mÃ¥r bättre snart! Inte kul att bli sjuk under sommaren… Om du har ont i halsen har jag ett bra tips!

    Koka upp vatten, häll i en mugg. Pressa en citron och häll i det varma vattnet. Ha i lite socker eller ännu bättre lite honung! Kramis

    1. Hej och tack, Konstigt nog började det med hosta som bara blev värre … luftrören känns som ett öppet sår. Varenda muskel och led värker.. och det gör fruktansvärt ont att hosta. Har sovit mest hela da’n … men jag ska prova det där ändå! 😀

    1. ja, jag vet inte … men nå’t elakt litet virus är det! Det bröt ut väldigt fort! Kanske det är fågelinfluensan?! Jag såg några duvor härom dagen men de verkade rätt friska och pigga LOL

    1. Ha ha! Yeah … those three are really handy letters: å, ä and ö.

      Å = like a in all Ä = like ai in hair, plaid Ö = like ea in earn

      I’m taking it real easy… in bed most of this day.

  5. Hope you are feeling better soon Rebekah. I’ve read that, although canned chicken soup is not as good as fresh, it still has mucous-thinning power and other good properties. But if you have no one to make it for you from scratch, it’s not like you want to get up and make some. (Although I have been known to drag myself out to the kitchen to combine chicken broth, rotisserie chicken, frozen vegetables and fresh parsley in a pinch.) (I don’t have a cook, but I do have a shopper.) Best. Lori

    1. Well … I know have a chicken in the fridge. My husband told the girl at the check-out in the grocery store yesterday that «I have one bird in the basket, and one sick bird at home!» We’ll see what happens… I’d like to eat the chicken as it is … not a huge fan of chicken soup, but I might just do it. Thank you, Lori 🙂

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