it’s the 6th of June!

That means that it’s Sweden’s National Day! That wasn’t even a holiday until 2005, but then they removed another holiday … Whit Monday … and turned June 6 into a holiday.

Maybe I’ll hang the Swedish flag out on the balcony in the fog and drizzle. I doubt many Saint Johners would know which country’s flag it is. Perhaps a few hockey fanatics…

Not only is it Sweden’s National Day, but also the date of D Day … the allied’s invasion of Normandy 1944, where so many young men lost their lives … to make a better world for us.

Yesterday was a glorious day, weather-wise and I suggested to Gerry that we’d go for a spin … up to Norton and then take the road to Kingston peninsula. We drove that road last year, and in the back of my mind there was a picture I wanted to take … or a tree I wanted to revisit. Talk about strange hang-ups! 🙂

This, I didn’t tell him … just that I wanted to go. We started out, and after a little while in the car … on the highway before the exit to Saint John Airport, he mentioned something about that tree and how it was on a road to St. Martins. He remembered that picture, and most importantly … he remembered where it was, which I did NOT.

I was so mixed up. Had he not said anything there, I wouldn’t have found it again. Besides … on that road I’d suggested, there’s really not much to see … just forest. Now, luckily we took this other road and it’s gorgeous rolling landscape — now in particular when everything is so green and lush. The grass looks really juicy.

I found my tree, I don’t know if I missed the bloom or if it just didn’t have any flowers this year but it looked lovely anyway. I’ll put in both pictures here, just for fun and comparison.

Tree in May 2010
Tree in June 2011 -- Upham, NB revisited

I took oodles of pictures on this little trip. It was a «sunny 16» day [aperture 16] and several of them came out pretty well, in spite of the bright, midday sun.

Loch Lomond, Saint John, NB

Here’s one of Loch Lomond. We’ve driven by the lovely Loch Lomond a countless number of times but I didn’t have one picture of it so I  decided that ‘now is the time’.

Eventually, we ended up in St. Martins and we had scrumptious clam chowder on the beach. They pride themselves of having ‘the world’s best clam chowder’ … I don’t have all that many places to compare with, but if they ask me — it’s true. Perhaps because that’s the place where I ate my life’s first clam chowder.


13 thoughts on “it’s the 6th of June!”

  1. eating clam chowder on the beach – what a perfect way to spend time together. Here you are, a long ways from Sweden, with a marvelous life.
    walk in beauty.

  2. The tree looks so different in the two photographs! I’m glad Gerry remembered where the tree was otherwise you might not have found it Rebekah!

  3. Hi,
    Lovely photo’s, I like the way you put in the 2 photo’s of the same tree for the different months, what a difference a month can make. Loch Lomond looks like a beautiful spot.

    1. Yes, so different! I think we must have missed the bloom. Here in the city, they’re in full bloom right now, but that’s so different and this is quite a ways from here.

      Loch Lomond is a lovely lake, and it’s also our fresh water reservoir.

  4. Looked like a lovely, lovely day!!! Our day ‘looked’ nice, but way too hot!! I saw 39.7C here. Awful. More tomorrow. I took no photos. probably not tomorrow either. Wait for a rainy day!

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