fishing was good today …

The tide was coming in and the cormorants were fishing as usual. Every now and then you see them coming up with a fish, but never have I seen it as often as today.

This particular guy had caught a fish too big for him, so he had to put it back into the water.

I’ve blogged each day this year — now it’s fifteen minutes to midnight so I’ll throw this in … for the sake of it 🙂


13 thoughts on “fishing was good today …”

  1. His stomach was bigger than his mouth!!! Last nite when I sat outside for a few minutes, we had a couple of Eastern Kingbirds on a wire and they were eating. They eat bugs not seeds. Or seeds not from a feeder. Whatever they had was big enough we could see it in their beaks. They ate just a little at a time. No camera with me. Dang.

    1. Julie,
      It definitely was! I saw a seal too, doing the same thing … he had a fish he could hardly swallow. He was too far away for a shot though..
      Kingbirds are really cute!

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