another happy photo day

Yesterday was another of those days, when it felt very gratifying to bring up the photos on the computer!

This Osprey, I was aware that I shot … so it wasn’t like the little yellow bird the other day … but I didn’t think it would come out sharp at all.

Besides, it’s always a challenge to shoot birds up in the sky because of the lighting and there is really no time to fiddle around with the exposure settings. They never seem to sit still and pose for you 🙂

I was very happy.

We’d driven up on Kingston peninsula. Deep down I was hoping to see Bald Eagles, and I did.

We were driving along a creek, and I always keep my eyes peeled — quite often they’re down there, either to fish or drink water. All of a sudden one appeared before me. He was sitting on a rock in the middle of the stream. Got out of the car and tried to sneak up … what a joke! Have you ever tried to sneak up on an eagle … or any bird for that matter?! The only thing I got was his feet as he lifted. But I’ll always have the image in my mind … as he was sitting there, looking more regal than usual.

I saw many eagles up in the sky … both adults and immature, but they were way too high up for my reach.

I’m a little bit obsessed with bald eagles. Got so excited when I saw him sitting there, not only because I thought I’d get a great shot … it was just the fact that I saw him that close. Guess it has something to do with the way it felt when I kept looking at pictures of them before I moved to Canada. Always thought it was an awe-inspiring bird and realized that I would never get to see one in real life … and here I am! That feeling of awe, when I watch a bald eagle up in the sky, never goes away. Also, of course, it makes me happy that they’re off the threatened species list … that they’re very much alive and kickin’.

There are wild apple trees in abundance here in New Brunswick, and now that they are in full bloom they really make a pretty picture.

It’s a wonderful time of year right now, with the lush green and the blooming trees … before the real heat sets in. Birds are chirping everywhere … nature is so full of life!

So … Happy Friday, bloggeroos … it’s time for breakfast and to see what this day has in store.


24 thoughts on “another happy photo day”

  1. Bald eagles have always been one of my favourites too. There are two of them that sit in a huge tree up the road from me. Try stopping or walking up to them to get a picture and they are off and flying before you can bring the camera up to your eye! So uncooperative. heh heh. Yesterday, on my way to a friend’s house, I spotted two of them flying up above me on the road. They are such an awesome bird.

  2. Joss,
    Yeah, lots of them in NS. Many people go for that Eagle Watch in January!
    We have a few behind the grocery store, and sometimes one flies by outside our building here. It’s an awesome part of the world we live in!

    1. Marge,
      If you once have smelled skunk, you never forget it. A few times, I could sense it when we lived in QC … yukk. Now the scent of newly mowed lawns comes in and it really smells like Summer.

  3. Hi,
    What a fantastic photo of the Osprey just after catching a fish, well done. It’s nice to see flowering bushes along the side of the road, it does make a difference and brings everything to life I feel.

  4. Terrific photo of the Osprey with the fish in it’s talons! Wow. You should be proud of that one!
    Bald Eagles are awesome and now you live in Canada, your dream of seeing them has come true!
    Enjoy the rest of your day.

  5. The Osprey is lovely. So hard to get such a good photo of a flying bird. I have had hundreds of pictures of blank sky and even more blurred, silhouetted, back-lit, partial shots.

  6. Our apple trees area done blooming and now have leaves. They were pretty this year.

    Never seen an eagle. Would love to but none here. I got excited when rabbit came within 8 feet of me. He ate and watched me as I watched him. And the other day a barn swallow came racing straight towards my face. And he swerved away just before hitting me. i knew he would but it was a bit scary!!! And fun!

  7. Your deep love of birds really informs this post — I thought of you today when we visited a wonderful local park for the first time. At the little grill there was a grackle walking around, I think it was a grackle, but it had an iridescent blue head, in the sunlight it was spectacular. I had my camera with me, but was aware that with my clumsiness it would be long gone before I got out the camera, adjusted it, etc etc.
    I thought, Rebekah would be ready, and would capture this wonderful bird. She has a real gift.

      1. EXACTLY one of those guys.
        I’ve always seen them just all black and noisy and kind of obnoxious. But in your photo, as in today’s actual bird, it was quite something else.

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