Top Ten things to do this Summer

That was the daily suggestion from WP. This is one of these mornings when my mind was blank and I needed a little help to come up with something for my daily post.

  • Go to Bangor, Maine
  • Endure the heat and humidity = not whine and gripe
  • Swim
  • Embrace the Fog — the trademark of Saint John, NB
  • Work on the list of the remaining five items on this list

10 thoughts on “Top Ten things to do this Summer”

    1. Ha ha! Nothing really … it just happens to be the nearest, reasonably big town. The border town is Calais, ME but there’s nothing more than a Walmart and a grocery store. Bangor, at least has a shopping mall. It’s close enough to go back and forth on a day — won’t necessarily have to stay the night.

      I just took that as an example … I’m up for going anywhere.

      Stephen King, the author, lives in Bangor, but that has nothing to do with this LOL

  1. Hi,
    My mind is in Winter mode, as we are coming into winter soon here in OZ. But if we were coming into Summer, I would defiantly wine and gripe, swimming of course Ocean or Pool it doesn’t matter, and in summer I love going on picnics, in a nice shady spot somewhere with a sea breeze.

    1. The north Atlantic never gets really warmed up, but last summer we did quite a bit of swimming. It was so hot. It always feels a little strange to think of that you guys are coming into Winter, even though it makes perfect sense. I’ve griped and whinged so much about the heat… decided to try and tone it down so that people won’t get too fed up with me πŸ™‚

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