june wish

So … I’ve made it through six months of blogging every day. Feels good! This is something I can do. Two times I’ve attempted ‘photo-a-day’ challenges, last time I quit after number 173.  I had no excuse for quitting, but merely an explanation: I don’t do much indoor shooting. Still need to learn more about lighting. There are so many days in a year that are too lousy, weather-wise, to go out with the camera. There were other aspects of it too but that’s not important.

I’ve blogged for years — on and off — but this is a little more … ‘structured’. It’s still fun — if this ever starts to feel like a chore, I’ll let go of it.

Moved my blog in mid-stream, so to speak, from the paid version to free WordPress. Luckily for me, I’m not into statistics, because that move of course screwed up the whole thing. I did it mainly because of this blogging challenge … to be able to take advantage of the ‘global tagging’. The thing that makes it possible to click on a tag — like «postaday2011» — and see all the latest posts from all around WordPress with that tag.

This is day #152 of this year, but I have 166 posts tagged with postaday2011. The reason for that is that I’ve done the photo blogs that they post on Fridays separate from the regular posts but still tagged them with postaday. Also, I think there has been a few days with multiple posts.

June is upon us, and it’s beautiful! After all the soggy weather we experienced in May … with the warmth came all the lush greenery and blooming trees. It’s like a green explosion took place. All the lawn mowers are out in full force … I must say they start early in the mornings! Yesterday, there was a commercial lawn mower next door … the sound of it made me wonder if a chopper had landed outside on the parking lot, and I was very thankful I had not worked night at the hospital or something like that. Trying to sleep in that noise would have been impossible.

I wish for moderate temperatures, but I fear this is going to be a long, hot summer. Our apartment … or the whole building, rather … is very hot all year round. It’s something about the heating system that they can’t change. Fortunately, our apartment faces north — we don’t get the sun until late afternoon/evening. The ones with a view of the harbour have sun from when it rises in the morning … they must get cooked in there. We live on the top floor of the building so the blazing sun on the roof certainly contributes to the whole thing.

With the ocean and the rivers here in Saint John we get very humid heat and I guess I’m just not used to it … yet. The last, two, summers, we’ve been out a lot in the evenings … swimming.


15 thoughts on “june wish”

  1. here too we have had an explosion of green the last two days. All the leaves have sprung out everywhere. The countryside looks so lush. The lilacs are blooming everywhere and the scent is just so lovely.
    Can you put an air conditionning unit in your apartment to help with heat and humidity? We have one in the kitchen here and one in the bedrooms. We don’t use them often but boy they sure make a difference when we do need them.

  2. With all the rain we have had, we now have mosquitos and ticks. Just awful. I am dreading the humidity. We are now in a hot spell. Ick.

  3. Hi,
    It’s always nice to see plants come back to life with new growth, and the colors can be magnificent. It would be lovely to have Spring all year round and skip summer altogether. When I was younger I loved summer but as I got older this definitely changed. 🙂

    1. Oh, I used to be a huge fan of Summer! I lived for the beach and suntan. Now I can’t take it at all! Can’t believe it was I who spent all that time ‘spread-eagle’ on a beach. Now I just would like to go into hiding in the dairy section of a grocery store… so things have changed, big time!

  4. The really got weather started it yesterday. It got up to 95° and today about the same. I tried shopping but it was hard.
    I remember when you moved there and it first got hot. You said you thought the heater was on. Do most of the others have window a/c too?

    1. Yes, it’s still like that … it’s hot, but it depends a little on the winds also. Many people in the building have bought window a/c. I think there are 160 units here, there’s a lot of moving in and out, but the ones who are planning to stay here have definitely bought them. I saw one guy carrying one in yesterday 🙂

    1. Yes, it’s easy to forget that … So strange to think of, but makes perfect sense of course. It’s especially weird when it’s the change of time to DST 🙂 … to try and figure out what time it is somewhere in Australia, just after the change LOL. It’s mind boggling

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