fog gone

Yesterday started out with the usual, thick fog and some drizzle. I’ve lived with that for over a month now so … no big surprise. As the morning progressed, the fog dissipated. It happened so fast, I hardly noticed when it changed. It turned out to be a warm summer’s day. The temperature went up from 7°C to 23°C!  That’s 73,4°F for you who still live with the Fahrenheit system.

We went out and I took some photos. Usually, the bright midday sun doesn’t make for great photography but I got a few that I was quite happy with.

Way up there on that rock to the right, you can see a white dot … a house. That’s the area where my husband grew up. Pokiok. The water is Saint John River. We like to go down there — sometimes you get to see some odd duck.

It was a day when it seemed everything was showing itself from its best side … when even a pulp mill can look kind of spiffy!

We went over to the place where the goldfinches hang around … I’m always hoping to get a really great shot of that intensely yellow bird. That didn’t happen yesterday, but I noticed that there was a Yellow Warbler in a bush. It was hard to capture because it kept jumping around on branches and it’s so small! I just kept on shooting and thought perhaps one of the shots would turn out decent.

Later, when we came home, I brought up the day’s pictures on the computer. To my own great surprise, I found this and wasn’t even aware that I’d shot it. I was happy!

Serendipity! I wasn’t even trying to get him in flight.

I can’t finish off this post without putting in these little guys. The mother was sitting outside her hole, up on Fort Howe …looking out over her domain … when I saw another little nose peeking out … and then another …

It was a great day, and today is looking even more promising!

Late last night we heard the sirens from a fire truck. That’s so common so we hardly pay attention any more. Now, as it was completely dark outside, it was easier to see in which direction he was going though. I happened to look off to the right and saw what looked like a huge fire … BIG smoke billowing and flames way up on the night sky. We’ve seen a number of fires here, and this looked HUGE in comparison to what we’ve seen before. It was also in the direction of a fairly large, residential area with lots of wooden apartment buildings.

So I checked out the news when I got up this morning, but from what I understand, it was an abandoned house much farther away from the area we  thought it was.  


20 thoughts on “fog gone”

  1. wow, you got some great shots. Love the yellow warbler. It’s so neat when you get home and find a surprise like this on the camera! Life is good.

    1. Hello Journeytoepiphany, and thank you so much for stopping by and commenting.

      I’ve never had that happen to me before … so it’s certainly a treasure 🙂

  2. Glad to hear the weather has improved and I love your new shots – the one of the warbler is awesome! A nice surprise for you when you uploaded the pics to your pc.

  3. Great photos you took!! Especially the warbler!!! I love when I take a photo that I was clueless what I shot!!

    Fires always look closer than they are. Not sure why.

    1. Thank you, Julie … Yeah, that fire was quite a ways farther away. That house was totally abandoned. Someone had tried to set it on fire a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t do “a very good job on it”, so I guess they finished it off now. It’s nothing left of it except some black stuff..

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