Saint John Sea Dogs

Our Saint John Sea Dogs won Memorial Cup in Mississauga last night! It was a great and really exciting game. On Tuesday there will be a parade downtown to celebrate and greet our homecoming Sea Dogs. Last night, in Harbour Station [the arena here in SJ], they showed the game on a big screen … I can only imagine the atmosphere there, and afterwards downtown. Must have been awesome. Sea Dogs, by the way, is another word for ‘harbour seal’.

It was likewise awesome to watch it on our new screen here. It struck me though, after a while, that we forget so quickly! It’s still only a matter of hours and I have already forgotten what the old one looked like!

Isn’t that just how we human beings are?! When I thought about it and looked at the TV, it felt like it had always looked that crisp and clear. Same thing with having a new car … after having driven it for a week or so, it’s as usual again. Isn’t that kind of sad?! I would like to enjoy that feeling of excitement for a  l o n g  time.

We didn’t go out at all yesterday and that’s unusual. The weather here has been soggy for, I don’t know how long! Some time before Gerry left for France. I can count the clear days on one hand’s fingers. There was a brief thunder & lightning occurrence last night and the temperature is supposed to go way up today.

Anyway, we stayed at home and watched a movie on Netflix. If you … like we … like to watch old goodies, there isn’t too much to choose from, but then again I thought: ‘HOW can anyone complain for $8 a month?!’ If we find one or two in a month, it’s still a pretty good deal … and the convenience of it all.

As I was browsing and searching there in Netflix, I was extremely surprised to find one of my all time favourite movies! A very little known of, Danish-Scottish production called Aberdeen. My favourite Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård is in it and he does a marvellous job on that character. It’s a little strange, but after seeing it, eleven years ago, I could never ever get over that film. Now that I know it’s there, I can watch it whenever I want.

Had hoped to find Herman Wouk’s «Winds of War» and «War and Remembrance» with Robert Mitchum, but no such luck. It said “Unavailable”. They were listed alright … I don’t know what that means — if they will be available eventually or what.




14 thoughts on “Saint John Sea Dogs”

      1. here too, it turned into a lovely day. Went over to visit a neighbour and we sat on her deck, drinking ice coffee, and watching the hummingbirds at the feeder. Sunny again today. Oh my goodness, how will we handle two sunny days in a row. There was a lovely mist rising off of the pond early this morning. Went out and got a couple of shots.
        walk in beauty.

        1. that sounds really lovely … drinking iced coffee while watching hummingbirds! Looking forward to seeing those shots..nothing like that morning light 🙂

  1. Your post is about too-quick reactions — so don’t react too quickly to Netflix, it takes some searching, but they have LOADS of old and newer goodies if you’ve got patience. Method helps — if you write down the name of anything recommended by anyone or that you come across by serendipity, it will help at choosing time. (Learn from me: I always FORGET to do this.)
    We’ve seen loads of great stuff, most of which we just stumbled across or took a chance on.
    Strange movies are my favourite. I don’t know what kind of movies you like, so I’m just throwing out this one in the wind, Antonia’s Line:

    1. Judith, The thing is, you have Netflix in the US, and we have Netflix Canada. The latter has only been around for nine months and I don’t think they have more than 350 titles. It will come…

        1. Yes, I don’t see the reason why it should be so different in the States, but I’m sure there is one … one that’s beyond me. They’ll be fine eventually.

  2. Sounds like you are going to wait a while for Netflix to catch up! In the meantime, enjoy what you can on your brand new, crisp and clear screen!

  3. Never used Netflix. A close friend does but not on his tv. That movie sounds good. Have to check it out.

    It is sad how quickly the new becomes old. Wish those feelings lasted longer.

  4. I love Stellan Skarsgård as well! He was so cute in Mamma Mia! Have you seen that? It is a musical type show which I didn’t think I would like but really loved it.

    1. I started to watch it, but even though Stellan Skarsgrd was in it, I couldn’t take it … 🙂 Maybe I didn’t hold out long enough?! He’s been in a number of American movies … Good Will Hunting, to name one.

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