the decision process…

For quite some time now … several months … each time we’ve been to Costco, we’ve talked about getting a new TV-set.  That’s because TV is the first thing you see when you enter Costco, and they have always a different one that’s on sale.

The last few days, we’ve talked about more and more … even talked with a sales person there. It’s a jungle when you’re not really into all the technicalities of it all. I wanted to find out the difference between plasma – LCD – LED, for example. I know a little bit more about it now.

Yesterday, in the fog and drizzle, we thought we’d check out more places so we went to Futureshop. It’s a bit overwhelming when you see them all up on display … all showing the same clip. We knew pretty much what size we wanted so we started with that. A young sales man appeared and he was really perky! Boy, could he ever talk! We also knew that we wanted to be able to take advantage of Netflix so there was also the set-up around that, that needed to be considered.

Down deep, I don’t think we were meaning to actually buy one yesterday, but ended up with one that was delivered and installed one hour later. So now it sits there … black and gleaming. It’s all ‘built-in’ … Netflix and all that stuff and we didn’t need any extra box for that. Bell has sent some cables for the HDTV and they’ll arrive on Tuesday.

Supposedly we can go into Facebook, Twitter and gawd knows what on the TV but I can’t really wrap my mind around that concept … why I would want that?!

Netflix has only been around for nine months in Canada so it’s not as good as in the States, but hopefully it will get better.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog about some piece of music I’d heard in a TV-commercial. Now it struck me last night … the commercial was for this, particular TV!


12 thoughts on “the decision process…”

  1. Several family members have bought a new television recently. I listen to them and pick up a little. My son bought a 55 in. 3-D and two weeks later the 60 in. came out in 3-D and my daughter bought one. I do not enjoy watching 3-D and never have. It seems like a novelty to me and one I would not need to have. Their kids enjoy it though. Of course it is a regular TV too with a certain resoulution and etc, none of which I understand. I do know that down here – Projection is out and Plasama pretty much is too and now it is LED and LCD. I have one that looks just like yours and I enjoy it. Hope you have good times watching it.
    Oh by the way…..4D will be out very soon. No glasses to watch that one. Gheez!!!

    1. Cindy, Yes, this one is LED and we just finished watching a Netflix movie. Full daylight, and that worked fine. I don’t know about the 3D thing — it feels like it’s a trend that might go away as quickly as it came. Either way, I’m not interested..

  2. We just got a similar one (ours is 32 inches, smaller I think than yours) — and so we may watch a little more than we used to —
    Netflix is great here, although we still use the mail, haven’t tried the On Demand yet —
    And somehow the TV cable (?) comes with a whole bunch of free movies, etc. by itself.
    I dunno, O Brave New World —
    Good luck to you and us.

    1. I’ve browsed and searched Netflix a little but all of the ones I’ve searched for says Not available. I don’t know what the deal is with that. This one is 42″.

    1. Joss, yes, it was a funny coincidence. I’m already enjoying the fact that it takes up less space. It was fun to look at my own photos on TV.

  3. Hi,
    I find it interesting when you go to buy something new, and find it can be overwhelming with all the new technology on the market, it’s like a mind-field that has to be sorted. 🙂 The TV looks very nice, and with everything you can do with it I’m sure you will have some fun working it all out, and fun doing all the new stuff on the TV as well.

    1. Sometimes, I find all the new technology overwhelming. In this case, TV, because the number of them …all turned on and up on a wall. I’m not all that into TV stuff. In other cases, with all the netbooks, tablet-PC, cellphones … that I’m more interested in, but still find it overwhelming. No matter what you decide to buy [if any], it’s always ‘old’ when you get it. There’s always something new and exciting being released the day after you bought your thing.

  4. So that young salesman did a good job and you bought one! I can’t believe it was delivered and installed an hour later – wish we had that kind of service here!
    It looks great – enjoy!

    1. Barb, Yeah … that guy was really upbeat! We were very surprised that it all happened that fast. That home delivery, installation and ‘tutorial’ is one of their sales arguments, but we expected having to wait for perhaps a day or two.

      It was really nice, not having to deal with that on your own.

  5. Cool TV!! I love ours. No idea about Netflix on mine. We can get the internet on it but do not want to pay more. We have Dish Network. I do know if we get the internet then anything I have saved on my dvr I can watch on my laptop or Blackberry. Very cool. Thought about doing that but not yet. Yours looks quite similar to ours. We have a Toshiba. HD makes such a difference!!! Amazing! Enjoy!

    1. It has some “app” called Social-TV. You get Twitter/Facebook aside of whatever you’re watching… It’s extremely complicated to try and type something in..

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