Strange Dreams

St ThomasWoke up only a few minutes ago. As I was pouring myself a cup of coffee, the dream from last night reappeared in my mind. All of a sudden, it played up … like a movie. It was the oddest thing, and I’m writing this basically to remember it.

I found myself on a island and the only thing that’s really clear about this is the name of the place: St. Thomas. When I thought about it now I had no idea there was such an island, even though I suspected there might be, so I googled it. There is! It’s in the Virgin Islands!

I was there and so was Tony Soprano (!), he was hiding from some mafia guys, and we stayed with a woman who lived high up on a mountain … she was an old friend of Gerry’s. She had a telephone and a lot of phone calls took place in order to keep Tony Soprano safe. As I was walking down that mountain towards the downtown area, I saw two guys sitting in an old jalopy, very suspicious looking guys … and I hurried to get downtown and mix in with all the people.

It’s all very vivid, I can see for my inner vision, what it looked like there. Was going to go back to a little diner, where I’d eaten before, but decided against it and walked into a narrow … alley almost, with several, really posh, restaurants. I wasn’t dressed to go there but found another place. Found out that Paulie had arrived too but he was already captured by some evil guys. If you’ve never watched Sopranos, this won’t make any sense at all.

One night, I was out on a boat there, and the city skyline was awesome so I took pictures of that. Now when I googled the place, I saw one image that looked almost like in my dream. Normally, I don’t remember dreams and it’s rare that I have such vivid dreams like this one.

This picture, which I found in Wikimedia from 1941, looks eerily like where I was walking… LOL
Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands 1a33934u original


22 thoughts on “Strange Dreams”

  1. Wow – talk about travel dreams. Saved a little money and you didn’t have to go through a pat-down at the airport!

  2. Dreams can be so strange – and some of the places they take us are amazing! While we’re having them- everything makes sense. When we try to recall them … we wonder how in the world did these pieces end up in our dreams. St. Thomas, Tony Soprano… hmm!

    Great post!

    1. Marge,
      Before this post, I didn’t even know St. Thomas existed!

      Sopranos was one of my favourite TV-shows, so the Tony part wasn’t perhaps so strange, but the island…!

  3. I am so intelligent in my dreams. I do thing say things and decorate rooms so well. I guess I just hold myself back in my real life! LMBO

  4. I never remember my dreams this well, lucky you! I love the pic, it looks like a great place to visit and I think you captured the atmosphere really well with the lights and the reflections on the water.

  5. Love that night photo!

    And wow that is some dream! Will admit I never watched “Sopranos”…

    Usually I do not remember my dreams, but once in a while I get some dreams that I remember so clearly when I ake up!

    1. Mona,
      It was pure coincidende that I started to watch Sopranos. Was waiting for something else to start [Midsomer Murders], and happened to come across the first episode. Tony was a mob boss, but it was a very different kind of mafia series. There were some ducks in his pool that he really took a liking to. Then he started seeing a female psychiatrist because of his severe anxiety. I was so hooked on this series.

  6. Interesting dream!! I had an odd dream the other nite. Not pleasant but not horrible either. I wrote it in my journal so I would not forget. About cousins long dead, dirty dishes and meatballs. I must be truly crazy!!!

    1. This was the same … not at all pleasant, but not horrible either. It’s so strange to think of that my own brain can come up with all this … a place that I didn’t even know existed.. Meatballs and dirty dishes … oh my! LOL

      1. I always wonder where those thoughts come from. The dead cousins, not thought of them or talked of them in years. Why now? Just boggles my mind. And I have had really gruesome dreams. Where do those come from?

  7. Hi Rebby: What a cool dream….it sure has alot of subtext to it….I had a wild dream the other nite about a man named Kevin (but not ny hubby?) He was very attractive & in alot of turmoil & he was dead, yet I could see him as if he were as alive as we are…I was trying to help him sort out whatever was bothering him…the dream progressed & when I turned around to talk to Kevin he got into his car & drove off the cliff where we were…& remember he is a dead person already??!! I am still trying to figure this dream out?? We sure have vivid imaginations, don’t we???? LOL//

    1. Sherriellen, Yes, that was another mixed up dream! It’s so rare that I remember this well … there was another one a while back about NYC that I still remember very well. I can even envision exactly what it looked like where I was … I might write about that one too some time soon. Shalom!

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