Think I’ll grow web

Another day of rain and fog. We went to Costco. On our way back we drove through Rockwood Park. They usually say about rainy days like this that ‘it’s weather for ducks‘, but even they had come to their senses and left. There was not a duck to be seen anywhere — the pond was vacant!

I’m in no way complaining about the weather. I watch the images from Joplin, MO … the immense devastation … and think it’s very pleasant here. It’s unfathomable…

When we lived in Quebec … several years ago, we found a plant in the grocery store …. we later found out that its name was Lisianthus, but also referred to as Texas Bluebells. We bought a few, and they just kept on blooming until late Fall. They were beautiful and I have a thing for blue flowers [and white] … this is a little purple-ish blue but nevertheless … I love them.

Never found them again, although we kept looking each year, until now! In the grocery store!

We bought a whole slough of them and now they’re sitting here, waiting to get out on the balcony.


10 thoughts on “Think I’ll grow web”

  1. Lovely flowers. I would love to be in Texas when they are blooming!! I love rainy weather. Right now, it is nice and rainy here with occasional thunder.

    1. Yeah, I don’t mind it either but then again … I want to take photos also. It was raining too much to bring out the camera. I do have some type of ‘rain coat’ for it, but it’s a little hassle to put it on ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m glad you’re safe..

  2. That is a beautiful little flower and I’m so glad you found some more in the grocery store!
    Rain can be a pain, but don’t forget, without it we wouldn’t have the pleasure of enjoying so much nature. I love the rain – it doesn’t rain much here in Oz, so when it does, everybody dances for joy!

    1. Barb, This time of year, all the grocery stores have ‘garden sections’ outside with lots of plants.

      Usually, our weather here is a little more varied than this. It feels like it’s been five weeks since I saw blue skies. This morning, I do see a little opening though … could turn out to be a nice day.

  3. The weather seems really off everywhere. We strike lucky, in our little corner of the world. Good weather most of the time. Although the unusual dry weather is not pleasing our farmers… and fire squads, who are on the alert for bushfires now.
    I love the flower you found. Do you already have plants/flowers on your balcony now? I can’t remember having seen photos yet of your balcony…. (hint, hint, LOL!).

    1. Gerda, With regards to weather there’s always someone that’s unhappy.. We don’t have anything out on the balcony yet, but soon ๐Ÿ™‚ Back home, I always used to hear 9th of June being a safe date to put your plants out..

      1. Interesting. This wouldn’t have anything to do with the Ice Saints, would it? In Holland we believe it is safe to put the plants out after the middle of May, because of the Ice Saints. Up until that date it can be frosty at night and destroy the summer plants. I just read on Wikipedia that the Swedes do the same, but at a later date, the 9th of June.

        1. Yes, I said 9th of June because that’s the date I know. Supposedly safe, with regards to frost. I asked Gerry which date he had heard around here, and he said June 10th.

    1. It is great, love it.
      I’ve often thought of how scared I’d be in those areas that are in the risk zone for tornadoes or earth quakes.

      Be safe!

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