A Fresh Look…

That was the title of Marge’s blog this morning. She suggested to take a fresh look at familiar things through the camera’s viewfinder. I did that today.

A street name that I like

A drive through Irving Nature Park … looking into the little world … «fiddleheads», baby ferns.

and a path in the forest…


13 thoughts on “A Fresh Look…”

    1. Yeah! 🙂 I always thought it would have been kind of cool to have as address!

      We’ve driven through that park so many times, but I’ve never shot many photos there … except a fox I saw once.

    1. Linda, This was so much fun so I’ll definitely attempt it again this coming week … It’s supposed to rain all week, but there must be SOME time when it can hold itself back a little 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂
      It’s a busy intersection so that’s the way it turned out.

      New Brunswick is a bilingual province — hence the ‘prom’ part of the road sign.

  1. Beauty posts —
    A really fresh look at fiddleheads (do they really taste good? I’ve never got around to trying them) —
    And the subtle colors and tactile textures of Summertime (the drive, that is) —

    1. Thank you … I’m ashamed to tell you that I haven’t tried them either… There’s a short period of time when they are being sold all over in the grocery stores.

      Summertime Drive is such a short little street … a cul-de-sac. It would be cool that have as address, but would be far from everything except the Reversing Falls.

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