He’s back

roses FranceMy husband has been away, in France, for three weeks, but now he’s back home again. I’m so thankful that all went well. They were three long weeks for me, in the rainy weather. When you’ve been living so close together … 24/7 … for seven years, it gets very different when one part of the team is missing.

He wanted to make this trip … to visit with all his friends there in, and outside Bordeaux, also in Brittany … he used to work there a number of years ago. I didn’t really feel like going. Partly because of the language barrier but also because of the above: He was going to see his friends and talk about old memories. I didn’t know anyone. So I chose to stay at home with our cat McDuff.

In this day and age it’s so easy to keep in touch. He brought his laptop and could hook up almost everywhere he was.  Pictures were uploaded to the web — he shot some awesome ones and this rose photo, from Brittany, is just an example.

He came back here yesterday afternoon, but arrived in Quebec the night before and spent one night with his son there. It’s a seven hour drive from there to here. So this is the first morning together after this trip and feel how all our ‘morning routines’ are coming back together.

It was a small but powerful reminder of how much we mean to each other, and never to take anything for granted.

I’m going to use one more of his photos … one that I really liked too and then I’ll let him have all the others for his own blog … his favourite bench on a beach in Pointe de Trévignon, Brittany.

Since it has been raining here, more or less constantly, during the three weeks he was away, I don’t think I’ve ever watched this much CNN. Cleaned the apartment too, organized my drawers and closets … stuff like that.

Now things are getting back to normal and I’m very, very happy and grateful.


22 thoughts on “He’s back”

    1. Julie-Ann, I’m very happy … and today we got a sunny day! I hear on CNN that it’s not so good in your area though …or maybe it IS good?! 🙂

      1. Last nite there were several tornadoes in the far east, 3 hours from here. Did some damage and I think there were several deaths. Where I live there is a flood warning. Been in a warning for at least 3 days. It never floods where I live but there were huge rains and the river is getting higher each day. Due to crest on monday. We have sun and warm today. Too warm.

  1. His pictures are wonderful, make me so nostalgic for France!
    Two great photographers in one family — riches.
    Happy for you that he’s home again, happy for both of you to have the marriage you do.

    1. J udith, Thank you! So … you’ve been to France?! Many times? I’ve never been there.

      Yes, we’re very blessed. Late in life, but nevertheless.. 🙂

  2. ah, he’s back. I am happy for you! Three weeks is a very long time apart! And if you were able to go out and about in sunshines weather yourself time might have passed a bit quicker. Finally you can have your daily routine back, spending time together. 🙂

  3. Glad that he made it back safe and sound! Very beautiful photos they are!

    Hopefully you’ll get some brighter days!!

    We’ve had another sunny day here, it is just that is blowing strong winds every day…

    1. H ej Mona, I’m so glad and relieved too … that everything went well. Lots of driving in France and all that.. He really took some beauties there..

  4. He’s almost as good a photographer as you Rebekah!
    Three weeks is a long time to be apart as I found out too, when I went to England a few years on my own to visit my sick mother. Paul stayed at home with the dogs but we missed each other so much, (even after 40 years of marriage!) we both agreed we would never do it again. We go together or not at all!
    I’m happy for you that Gerry is back safe and sound and you can get back into a routine again. May the sun shine, so you can both get out and about on some lovely drives to take more photos of St John for us!

    1. Barb, That’s exactly what we said too: Either we go together or we don’t go at all 🙂 We’ve already been out today, taking photos … I’ve really missed that part too. Forty years is a very long time. I’ve never been with anyone as long as this time.

  5. Gerard and I have been together for five years and, the odd time he is away, I so miss him. this has truly surprised me as all my life I’ve enjoyed being alone – even preferred it. Now, though, I love our routines together, like you.
    glad your guy is home!

    1. The similarities here are quite amazing. I even preferred it too, and was surprised now how much I missed him.

      Same first name, by the way…

  6. Great post. I loved the fact that your gift to your husband was time with his friends and long past memories. The freedom to connect and share your daily lives with each other was wonderful too. The hardest part was the wet weather but you made it to the other end! Loved this post!

  7. Thoughtful post. A gift so few can give is the gift of time with friends…and realizing that they were his friends, a rare gift…not that they would not have loved you as well but sharing memories does tend to shut others out, even when unintended.

    Glad he’s back!

    1. Me too … and I’m so happy that he got around to making this trip, that he’d talked about every now and then. In my case, it wasn’t just old memories it was also the language. It would have been a whole different story if we had gone there and just travelled around, like tourists… Another time, perhaps.

  8. The trip sounds like it was a really good one. I love the pictures. The lighting on the Roses is so nice. Makes one think they are walking a street in France. Closest I will ever get.
    Yours is a true romance that is for sure!

    1. I’ve looked at all of his pictures, and it’s amazing how roses are growing all over the place … on buildings and stuff! We found love … rather late in life, but still 🙂

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