I was thinking about money…

Took a walk downtown yesterday, to turn a library book back in, and to get out a little in general as it wasn’t raining. As usual while walking, I let my thoughts wander and a topic suggestion from WordPress came to mind. They had it up quite some time ago — I rarely take them up on them — but in this case, I remembered one comment: The suggested topic had something to do with ‘when do you think the world will end?‘ [or something like that], and one guy replied: «The day after I win the lottery!» I thought that was funny … and it would be so typical 🙂

There’s a lot of talk about that now … sometimes it’s supposed to end May 21st [or is it 20th], other times they say 2012 due to some Mayan that didn’t feel like calculating the calendar any longer. Some people seem to take precautions and I’ve never understood the point in that. If the wold is coming to an end, there’s really nothing you can do about it. Huh?!

Now I got sidetracked a bit here, because it was really another topic I was thinking about … ‘what would you do with a million bucks’, and how we change and mature over time. Values, for example! I don’t think I’d necessarily shop myself silly if I got a million bucks … there seem to be other things in life that are much more important. Peace of mind, for one. Just as I’m typing this I hear on CNN that this Strauss-Kahn guy made $440,000 a year. That’s more than what the President makes and I don’t think SK has much peace of mind right now, where he sits on Rikers Island.

Then again, there are thousands … millions, of people who can’t afford the luxury of thinking along those lines. If I had to sleep on top of a vent outside some restaurant in Washington D.C. for example … digging in garbage containers for something to eat, totally different issues would be on top of my mind. Not all of them have ended up there by choice [or perhaps wrong choices] and I have a great deal of compassion for all the people less fortunate than I. That being said … I think I’d try and do as much good as possible were I to get that much money. Saving just one life would somehow make my own life seem more worthwhile.

A long time ago, while waiting for a bus, I was approached by a little old man … obviously a boozer, asking for some change. I had a 50 [Swedish Crowns = $8] bill in my pocket — I don’t know what came over me, but at the spur of the moment, I gave it to him. I’m pretty sure he went straight into the nearest liquor store and bought some cheap wine or the likes … BUT, I tell you … I still think his facial expression was worth the money. Of course, I should have acted like all the righteous people I read and taken him to some food place, but this was like I said … the spur of the moment.

Now … I don’t have a million dollars, but my fridge is full and I have a great choice of what to have for breakfast. I’m very grateful for what I have.


16 thoughts on “I was thinking about money…”

  1. I read you loud and clear , sweetie… just went nextdoor to the French version of A and W called Quick… ate my French fries outdoors and was constantly hit up for crumbs by a flock of small birds … a bit like out nuthatches.. so I started breaking up the fries into small peaces … soon I had the whole flock on my table…. great feeling of sharing a surplus… thanks for the motivating post!

  2. I have thought about what I would do if I won the lottery. There are 2 places I would give a major donation to. I would invest for myself so I would never be poor again. And I would help others.

    It is sad to see the homeless. I saw on in Salina on tuesday. Then there was a newspaper article about him. He refuses to take advantage of whatever Salina offers. He is a minister also. Rather sad. Probably some kind of mental disorder.

    End of world is saturday. But the guy predicting it has done this before. And was wrong. There is no way to prepare. How could you. And I agree about the Mayan calendar.

    1. J ulie, Yeah, I think the Mayan guy was just fed up with the whole thing and stopped at 2012.

      It *is *sad to see. Back home, there aren’t too many and only in the three big cities. Many fell through the cracks I guess during the reform of psychiatry in the 60’s or 70’s.

  3. Hey Reb, I have thought of both subjects many times lately. The lotto?? I have lots of kids and grand-kids so it would be great to set them all up and make myself comfortable and help others too. I have a couple of charities in mine.
    As for Saturday and the end of the world. I was thinking the other day…..do I want to be alone or should I go and hang with the family that day? I will probably forget when Saturday comes along. I will get busy with something……although now that I think about it…..FB will be alive with it!! It is more fun to think of the lotto subject. I, too, figured I would have a heart attack a few minutes afterwards. lol
    Oh gosh – I must have too much free time.

    1. C indy, I haven’t seen it mentioned on my FB list …yet.

      If I won the lotto it would be sensational because I never buy any tickets. Done it once since I came here. I can think of a number of charities I’d give to … animal rescue being one.

  4. I love how your mind meanders – always makes me feel like I’ve had a visit and a cup of tea with a good friend.
    When I win the lottery, I’m building a beautiful retreat for women to come to and just ‘be’. It’s been a life long dream of mine.
    keep meandering!

    1. why thank you, Joss! 🙂 That always seems to happen when I’m out for a walk. My mind seems to get freed up from distractions. A woman I used to know back home had exactly the same dream as you. She never won though..

  5. May 21. 6 pm. Be There.
    Or not, right?

    Win the lottery?
    I’d have a big family reunion here in Colorado and invite and pay for my 100+ family members to come and enjoy this state. More money would be devoted to setting up daycare centers with highly paid, educated workers to watch our babies. Another big chunk of money would go to our seniors in nursing centers where staff would receive a huge salary increase that they deserve.
    If any money was leftover, I’d buy an iPad …just for the heck of it!

  6. I forgot to mention this earlier but about 5 months ago, a man in my neighborhood ( who was already very well off) won a million dollars in the lottery. Think this was the second prize that night. He and I both go into the same convenience store often. He is still buying the tickets I hear. He was on his way to Europe the morning he found out he won.

    1. Cindy, So strange … the very minute I’d read your comment here, I read in Twitter that someone here in Saint John has won a million bucks!

  7. I’ve thought about both… the end of my life/ of the world.. to me it is the same. The day that I die, will be the end of the world as I know it… the Rapture for me.. or just death.. and pass into eternal life.

    the lottery winning would be fantastic… so much good I would do for my family, my community.. I have a list, it was a mind exercise.. I wouldn’t change my life, but I would work toward changing other’s lives.

    A minister friend of mine said, I would never win.. only the greedy win… don’t know if that is true, but God would get his share and then some with all the good things I would do..

    We will hope that they are wrong about the 21st… I still hav things I would like to do on my bucket list

    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Cheryl … always such a pleasure. We know for sure that our lives will come to an end sooner or later, but I wonder if anyone will really know beforehand when the world is coming to an end. Maybe time and tide will go on flowing for a long time after we’re gone. At this point in life, were I to get ‘filty rich’, I certainly would try and do as much good as possible. That’s interesting about the mind exercise 🙂

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