I don’t want to become a Writer

When I browse around in the blogosphere, one thing strikes me: So many people are aspiring writers! If they all get published the world would be flooded with new writers. I admire them all for their ambitions. It’s just not in me and I’m perfectly alright with writing these little chit-chat blogs in  the mornings. In the old blogging community I came across one person who wanted it so much so she had her creating published by herself somehow. Some on-line publisher, where you paid for the whole thing. She sent me a copy and I was …. well … amazed. When I, as a foreigner, can spot both spelling and grammatical mistakes … in this day and age when you have a spell-checker handy at all times?! When you write «artic» instead of « Arctic» throughout the whole thing. A typo is one thing, but when it’s consequent … that’s another thing. I don’t have any contact with this person so I don’t know how things went. Haven’t seen her name in the headlines … no Pulitzer prize yet.

Speaking of spell-checker … at least mine hasn’t accepted the word ‘blog’ yet so each time I type it, I get it underscored with red. That’s a little strange, considering that LOL is an accepted word now in the Oxford Dictionary!

In any event … I do not want to become a writer — I’m a consumer, I like to read novels. Right now I’m in a period of reading Nicholas Sparks … I’ve mentioned him several times before. I think I’m into the fifth of his books now and he’s written sixteen so far.Number seventeen is under ways, coming out this Autumn. The Internet has made a big difference to my reading … and I’m not talking eReaders here. Noticed it the first time while I was reading The Da Vinci Code. There were so many things I didn’t know anything about, but could easily look up on the web as I was reading … I viewed online pictures of every church they visited, places and streets in Paris that were mentioned — to me, it actually made for a whole different experience. The book was a page turner so I think I finished it in one day and one night.

Beach outer banks north carolinaSame thing with these Nicholas Sparks-books. I had no idea where Rodanthe was located before I read the first book, and I knew very little about the Outer Banks of North Carolina [except Cape Hatteras from the weather], but now … I sure wouldn’t mind going there!  Secondly, the fact that he’s on both Twitter and Facebook … I mean — I could in fact contact the guy if I wanted to — makes it very different. I’m glad he writes and creates these characters that feel like personal friends sometimes … like you miss them when the book is finished. So … hats off to all the aspiring writers of the world! 🙂 and good luck!

Apart from Sparks, I have one book that I read the first time in 2005. Picked it up at the annual, English book fair in Quebec City. Books in English weren’t all that easy to come by, so I always bought a whole banana box of them … to keep me going for a year. I like easy reading, so they were mainly romance novels. One of them was «Acts of Faith» which turned out to be one of my favourite books all time, and the two, main characters [well, three — her brother Daniel too]  there — Timothy and Deborah — have never really left me. The author, Erich Segal, could easily have written a sequel to that one, but he died last year. This is not your usual love story, even though it is, down deep. It all revolved around two religions … Judaism and Catholicism, and regardless of whether you believe in any higher power or not, after you’ve read this book you will have gained great insight in both these religions. I re-read it every now and then


15 thoughts on “I don’t want to become a Writer”

  1. I wonder if you’d like the novels of Anne Rivers Siddons. They’re usually set in that part of the US, and they’re good fast lush reads. She’s written tons of them, and I like some better than others, especially the ones that are set squarely in the Chesapeake and Outer Banks area.
    But I don’t know Nicolas Sparks’ books, so can’t compare.

    1. Judith, Thank you … jotted it down. I’m always up for new [to me] authors. I didn’t find out about Nicholas Sparks until a few months ago, via an online buddy. He wrote The Notebook, which apparently became a very popular movie. Haven’t seen it.

      After I’d read that first Rodanthe book, I came across a biography that he’d written, and it was interesting to learn that he had no aspiration about becoming a writer at all … it was a pure coincidence: He was on a sick leave, injured from some sports, bored … and his mother said to him: ‘go and write a book or something….’

  2. I will have to pick up a copy of “Acts of Faith” by Segal. Maybe during my quarter break I’ll read it.

    As to becoming a writer, nah. I, too, never aspired to be a writer however, I have always seen writing as part of what I do. There are no novels rumbling around in my brain, but I do have opinions and ideas. The thought of writing an ebook intrigues me, maybe a collection of inspirational thoughts. We’ll see.

    Loved your post, as usual. Keep blogging!


    1. Ceclia, I can recommend it …I think that’s obvious LOL. My husband is Catholic, and *so *much of Timothy’s story coincided with my husband’s …it was quite amazing. Will be interesting to hear what you think about it!

  3. I could never be a writer. My mind just does not work like that. I am amazed at how bad people are with spelling and grammar. There are a couple on FaceBook who cannot spell to save their lives. One simply does quotes, with lots of mistakes. Not good at all. The writer you mentioned, I have not seen her around for a long time. not done a search though. Every time she appeared somewhere, I blocked her if I could. Better safe than sorry!

    1. ahaha! I knew you would get it! 🙂 I still have it here somewhere, I think. The one I had as a .pdf was much worse, on many levels.

      I don’t think I have it in me to create plots and characters … this type of journaling here is more for me.

  4. Same here. I can journal but to write and describe to people can enjoy and imagine, not in me. Wish it was, if only for my own enjoyment.

    I have the book and the pdf also. No idea where now.

  5. Ohh I knew right away who you were talking about in the begining… lol I have no idea what she’s doing today either lol…

    I like to write little poem’s now and then but would never want to be a writer! Writing a whole book, well it seem to be way too much for me! I would struggle for sure! So no, it’s not for me…

    1. Hej Mona, Yes, I like writing these little blogs … that’s different! In the mornings, sometimes, I’m really itching to write but a novel or some such — no way! I’m glad so many other people do it so well, so that I have something to read at night.

  6. Agreed…I like writing my little stories about family and events. WordPress does have a little press called fastpencil where you can publish your book. You can buy 1 or 20 and simply pay for what you order. I wrote poems after my father’s death and may publish those for my family. Or I may just put them on my blog. The poems are actual conversations I had with my Dad.

    What do you’ll think?

    1. Hey Linda … that’s so cool! I didn’t know WP had that. I’ve seen it at Blogger I think. Good to know, in case the inspiration would come over me 🙂

      Please, put them in the blog for starters … I’d love to read them.

  7. I couldn’t write a book either, I just enjoy reading them! I’m happy enough writing my little blogs here and that’s enough for me.
    I enjoy Erich Segal’s writing, but haven’t read “Acts of Faith”‘ you have intrigued me Rebekah, so I will pick it up from the bookstore soon.
    If you like romance novels, you should try Catherine Cookson, an English author; I think she died quite recently. She is from North East Lancashire and her stories are mostly set in that area. She is a down to earth writer and makes her characters come alive. When I start one of her books, I can’t put it down!

    1. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did, Barb.

      Oh, I’ve read many Catherine Cookson-books 🙂 and I liked them … a lot! Glass Lake?! is one that pops up in my memory..

      It’s good to see your comments — that means that Australia is still there LOL

  8. Oh my! I haven’t thought about her in a long time. I bought that online book, too. It’s stored in three computers back. Don’t think I could read that again but it was a quite a tale. Sad thing is …..it was true!
    I have only read 4 of Sparks books but they did hold my attention.

    1. Cindy, It’s very rare that I think of that ‘author’ but I do remember that novel and I have it somewhere as a .pdf file. Weird stuff.

      The other day I came across another [new to me] author, because the library didn’t have any Sparks books in … James Patterson. I finished it in no time and it was sadder than all the other Sparks novels … oh my!

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