It’s raining … it’s pouring

Not as bad as this picture implies though, and they’ve just lifted the rainfall warning.  The picture was taken in Market Square — a shopping centre here in Sant John. They have some type of glass thing there, with water circulating inside it.

This evening we’re going to get thunder & lightning, which is strange because it’s rather chilly. I don’t remember when I saw the sun last time. Three, four weeks ago perhaps. We’re not complaining … the cat and I are toasty up here. My husband is in France at the moment. He’s taken some pretty awesome photos.

When I’m having supper on my own,  I read. Always did. Right now, MacLean’s which we subscribe to, is on the kitchen table. Guess it’s the Canadian answer to TIME magazine. While I was still living in Sweden, I used to subscribe to Newsweek. It was a way for me to improve my vocabulary … and keep up with current events, of course. There were times back then, when I didn’t understand half of what I read, and I found TIME heavier and more confusing than Newsweek.

After seven years of speaking English only, it is of course getting a lot better, but in magazines like those, there are still lots of words I don’t know. Found one right now, as I was eating my little meal … UNCTUOUS. Had neither seen nor heard it before. So it’s true that we live and learn each day.

In the late 70’s … I knew the word «tissue», but only one meaning of it, namely Kleenex. Had no idea of all the other meanings, like biological for example. Read an article that contained the words ‘fetal tissue’, and I found it utterly confusing until it dawned on me that there must be something more to that word than Kleenex.


12 thoughts on “It’s raining … it’s pouring”

  1. We have sun today also. Supposed to get rain wednesday nite, thursday, and friday. I do not believe them. We had 60% chance last week and got nary a drop. No excitement till it happens.

    I love that photo. In Phoenix at a spa they had a wall of water. Cloudy glass with water gently running down each side of it. Loved it.

    1. I think the thunder might be imminent, because McDuff just got very low and ran into the cabinet underneath the sink… that’s usually a sign. Hope they’re right about the rain. All of eastern seaboard is getting soaked.

      It’s fun to take photos of that water thingy 🙂

  2. Jo can sense rain or even hear the thunder before we can. She gets nervous and has an odd look on her face. And she wants in and then hides.

  3. It rained yesterday, and it rained today, and it’s supposed to rain tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. Until Sunday, in fact.

    You wrote: “When I’m having supper on my own, I read. Always did.”
    Yes — one of the great pleasures of life, to be able to eat and read.

  4. Awesome photo!! It’s been raining on and off here as well for some days… But I got to see the sun a little this evening before it went down.

    I read the local paper when I am eating breakfast. I watch tv when I eat dinner lol

  5. Wow, I’m sorry you’ve had so much rain, but I have to say that that photograph is a wonderful design source.

    Oh, and by the way – in textiles tissue means a wonderful silk fabric that has silk woven in one direction and interesting metallic threads woven in the opposite way. It distorts in oh so many ways and I use it a lot.

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