We all have our hang-ups

Good Ol' Days
Good Ol'Days by Thomas Hawk

…and here is one of mine.

This photo is by Thomas Hawk. He’s a guy in San Francisco who wants to shoot, process and publish 1,000,000 photos before his days are over. I’ve crossed path with him over the years in FriendFeed, Google Buzz and Flickr.

When I saw this picture the first time, I fell in love with it, and I can’t get over it! I still love it. This picture was what made me get the 50mm lens I wrote about the other day … the «nifty fifty» — was hoping I’d take great photos like this.

It’s something about the colours, glossiness and smoothness of it that so appeals to me.

Myself, I haven’t taken any pictures lately … it’s raining! It’s been raining for three, four weeks, I think, and it will go on this week too. It seems I should work on my indoor photography. Instead I’ve taken up the making of digital web graphics [in Paint Shop Pro 10]. Used to do that a lot, a few years ago while we were blogging in Y360.

Mona, an online buddy and fellow Swede, and I were talking about it … how much fun it used to be and why we lost it. So … slowly but surely we started again. I’ve set up, or rather ‘resuscitated’ a «sister blog» for it, to keep it apart from here.  It’s just for my own pleasure … to see what I can accomplish — it’s not like I’m going to use them for anything.

Today, I had a real urge to sink my teeth into a real good steak. Walked down to the grocery store in the fog and drizzle. Picked up a few other items at the same time and found a piece of meat … its size looked suitable for me … sirloin tip, it said. It looked good so I took it. I came home and fried it … the way I always do, and I tell you!!! This was the worst piece of meat I’ve ever had. Ever!!! I couldn’t eat it. Had I had some raccoon around I would have given it to him. It was next to impossible to cut through it, let alone chew it and there’s nothing wrong with my teeth. What a let-down! Isn’t sirloin tip supposed to be really good meat?!


13 thoughts on “We all have our hang-ups”

  1. Sirloin tip should have been lovely and tender. You might want to complain to the guy behind the meat counter at your grocery store!

    1. Five, six years ago, I had an enormous production of background images and such, but that was different. We were a group of people who did this and shared them with all the other bloggers … a whole different set-up. Now it’s just because I enjoy doing it.

  2. The only steak I buy to grill is ribeye or K.C. strip. They are usually tender.

    I used to have a separate blog for photos. Now mine all go to the same place.

    1. yeah, I don’t know…I’ve had a log of sirloin tip before and they’ve been wonderfully tender. This is not my normal store for buying steaks, but this must have been just once in a lifetime. I couldn’t eat it, had to give in.

    1. Exactly how I felt … it’s the combination of the colours and the smoothness.. He has taken so many photos, and I’ve seen so many of them, but this one I never forget!

  3. LOVE that photo as well! It’s so cool!!

    Yes it is really fun to have started again, trying to work with PSP. It is good to start slowly and last couple of days I’ve been looking around a little for tutorials and been going through some of my old stuff.

    By the way, thanks for inviting me here! I’m a bit lost at the moment LOL but I’ll figure things out ;o)

    We’ve had some rainy days here as well but seen a glimpse of the sun in between. It’s cold again. Think we had only 8 c this morning!

    Oh, it sure is a disappointing moment when you are so into eating something and then it taste like…. =o/ Happened to me too not so long ago I wer buying something that looked so tasty and it was pure bleh!

    1. Once you get used to the Dashboard, WordPress is unbeatable. So different from when I first found it in 2006.

      In Multiply, where you could edit the CSS, in my case, that took away from the actually blogging … I got so caught up in it.

      Last night, my stomach was grumbling a lot … maybe it was something wrong with it.

  4. It really sound like it was old or something =o/ yuk!

    Yes it’ll take some time until I am used to it lol.

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