Show your Feelings!

We watch quite a few crime shows on TV. There are so many of them so they almost outnumber everything else.

Sometimes they talk with jurors after the conviction … ask them how they reasoned during deliberation and all that. Very often I hear arguments like that the accused lacked emotions. They listen to the 911-call … to his or her voice, not only what the person said. The lack of emotion seems to be a serious factor when they consider the case as a whole and that scares me.

I know myself well enough to know that I don’t get overly emotional in public. The more stressful the situation the more collected I get. It’s like subconsciously I feel I must keep my calm since nobody else is. My husband, who knows me inside out, agrees.

So … should anything disasterous happen to me, I’d probably be very precise and factual when I call 911 and hence be innocently convicted. Had I the presence of mind, I could of course put on an act, but that wouldn’t be genuine and they would probably see through it. Acting isn’t my kettle of fish, and not losing my composure either.

On the other hand … apparently there are situations where keeping your calm, not showing that you’re nervous, is an advantage. Just read my blogging buddy, Marge’s post here … about how she got pulled over for speeding, and eventually four patrol cars were involved in the searching her car!!! Because they thought she looked nervous.

6 thoughts on “Show your Feelings!”

  1. I am usually pretty calm and cool until after the event. When our house caught on fire, Willie was just frozen and to idea what to do. I calmly called 911. Lost it later though.

    1. Yeah, afterwards … that’s a whole different story! Afterwards and alone.

      I can’t say for sure, of course, but I probably would have done what you did.

  2. This is a hard one. Even when I act calm – which I do often – people tell me they can see my emotions in my face. Think that is true of lots of people.

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