Nifty fifty

Was just sitting around, feeling very ambivalent about what to do. The weather is half decent today — it’s not raining right now, still windy, but not so cold. Couldn’t really make up my mind whether I’d go downtown or what. Then I read a blog post — Quotidian Hudson. He wrote about how he’d decided to go out on a photo walk and only bring one lens. That post sort of did it for me, I put on the 50mm prime lens [meaning you can’t zoom or anything] — lovingly referred to as «nifty fifty» 🙂

Across the street from our building is Fort Howe. It’s a hill … or mountain, I’m not sure which, and also a historical memorial of sorts. Lots of people go up there all the time, to just sit and gaze out over the city and ocean. During the cruise ship season all the buses go up there with the tourists, but that won’t start until early June some time.

Some time ago, I read somewhere, that ‘if you want to take some photos, the best objects are usually within ten meters’ reach’, so … off I went … up on Fort Howe, thinking «there’s always something».

Here in Saint John … you never really get disappointed … there is always something. This little guy, for example, is very well protected, one would think. He seemed appreciative of the peanuts I handed him.

The groundhogs look too funny, when they’re standing straight up outside their holes … it’s like they’re looking out over their domain!

I didn’t take the really steep road up … I walked around it a bit, there’s a loop. Was thinking, as I approached Somerset, that within one year, two buildings have burned … in very close proximity of each other. The last one was just a week ago, and now it’s gone without a trace. A young woman, only nineteen, lost her life in that fire.

As you can see, Spring hasn’t really reached its peak here.

Some trees have put on a light, delicate green coating, but not this wild apple tree.

Behind it is a block house. History smacks you in the face up there … I really should read up on it as I live here.

I think they used to keep gun powder in the block houses, but here I’m really out on thin ice, so I just leave it at that.

It was a pleasant day for taking photos … a little hazy, and not the blazing sun. Haven’t seen any blazing sun here for weeks! Only rain and high winds!

The big, rounded building in the centre here, is Harbour Station … the hockey arena, and there will be a lot of excitement tonight!!! Our Saint John Sea Dogs are playing Gatineu and if they win tonight, they’ll go on to Memorial Cup [I think it is] … I’m not sure, but I think they win President’s Cup if they win tonight. This is junior hockey … I’m interested up to a point.

I follow the games on Twitter. Some guy tweets from the rink on his phone … I find that amazing, how he can type away on the phone throughout the game.

In any event … I got a real pleasant walk with the camera and the 50mm lens. Took a long loop around a residential area on my way back and went to the convenience store too.

Was thinking how typical it would be if a bald eagle had landed in front of me or nearby, when I only had that little lens on.  One of them flew by the window this morning … a juvenile eagle — he had not yet gotten his white feathers and yellow beak, but it takes four years before they get that.

These guys live dangerously … especially when they have little ones … with eagles around! Not only eagles, I’ve seen other raptors here … Peregrine Falcon and Northern Harrier are the ones I’ve seen so far.

Might go for another walk tomorrow, because then it’s going to rain until Wednesday!


10 thoughts on “Nifty fifty”

  1. Great photos!! I need to get inspired again. Our weather is quite COLD. only in the 50s. Heat off in the house so it is cold inside also.

    1. T hat blog post inspired me today … otherwise, I think I’d ended up doing nothing. When I left, my BB froze so badly so I think I would have had to remove the battery to re-start it…. grrr.

      In here, it’s always hot … regardless of outside temperature. Too hot, in spite of the windows open.

  2. I believe we are both creative souls. After days and days and days and days of grey skies and rain, I wrote a poem about rain and you went out and brought home beauty on your camera. yay us!

    1. J oss, Had somebody said that to me seven years ago, I would have shaken my head … Started with Paint Shop Pro to create digital images, and later the camera took over. Now it feels like I need some type of creative outlet.

      Thanks for your kind words … it’s going to rain until Thursday.

      Yay us! 🙂

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