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The more blogs I read, the more I realize how fortunate I am. Most people seem to be in constant lack of time! Life has its phases, and the «busy phase» is definitely a time of the past for me. Besides, as I [by choice] don’t have children, it was never really all that busy. Now that I don’t work anymore, I can spend hours online if I feel like it, or do anything I want. Not many people are that lucky. Again — life has its phases, and work was good and interesting, even fun at times! There were mornings, while I was walking to work, pondering how few people that could feel that it was actually going to be fun to get to work! So many people suffer through eight hours a day, to put food on the table.

The last eight years of my working life, those walks to work meandered through a residential area. Old homes, with lush, well groomed gardens — no dandelions there — and neat houses … everything looked so fine so one could easily be fooled to believe that everyone must be happy in there. I worked in a small, medical clinic — part of its «catchment area» was this where I walked, so I knew a lot — sometimes it felt like too much — of what was going on in the way of illnesses and abuse. The façades can be so deceiving and I sometimes imagined lifting them off on a Friday night.

Looking back at other phases of my life, I wonder how I survived, but the funny thing is that when you’re in the midst of it you just don’t seem to notice! It’s only in hindsight it seems that way.

It seems, it’s not only while walking my thoughts wander … it’s also while typing. My point with this post was merely to say how thankful I am that I can spend as much time as I want to on this … it’s a lot of fun to do this blog-a-day-challenge and I don’t have to struggle to find time to type up a few lines. This is my morning pleasure, while sipping my coffee.

The little dandelion here above, had managed to get out through a crack in the concrete on the sidewalk … I thought it looked like one of those smilies we see around the web … like it was peeking out through all the grey to brighten up our day and was definitely worthy of a picture and a smile 🙂


13 thoughts on “Busy Lifestyle”

  1. Very wise. I work in mental health, and agree, that what most people see and envy is a facade. What goes on behind closed doors can break your heart. Being thankful for work, for time, for one’s life is a gift too often missed by too many people. I’m thankful to have found your blog. Enjoy your coffee, I’m enjoying mine! 🙂

    1. Cecelia, Thank you! There were a few times, when it actually did … break my heart. Too much information, perhaps. There once was a certain turning point in my life, that made me appreciate all the little things that most people take for granted… Coffee finished, time for breakfast … think I’ll have a turkey sandwich with pickles … kosher, of course 🙂

  2. My life now is about as busy as I want it to be. And I learned a long time ago to say no to things or people when I need to. I do look back and wonder how I did some of the things I did but at the time I never felt that way. I, too, have seen behind the public face people show. One lady I took care of many many times is a good example. They were extremely wealthy and lived in a really fine home in an exclusive area. And they traveled. But when getting to know her I found her life to be not the best. Outwardly she had it all, but privately she needed more.

    1. Julie,
      Yes, you must have seen a lot of stuff while you were working! Guess we all keep up our façades, but some more than others.

      My life too, is just as ‘busy’ as I want it to be! :0

  3. You just never know what goes on behind closed doors, things too sad to even contemplate sometimes.
    Like you, Rebekah, I don’t go out to work anymore, so have every day to do with what I want. I appreciate everything around me more than I did when working full time. The little things – like you capturing that dandelion on film and it reminding you of a happy, smiling face! Beautiful.
    I can enjoy my morning coffee while going through my emails, or go take a bike ride if I fancy, or take my dog to the beach. Life is good.

    1. Barb,
      Yes, so much sadness and misery — and this was just my little town! Imagine all the big cities.

      Life is good, that’s for sure! Not a day goes by when I don’t think about it. I don’t want the ‘busy lifestyle’ back … I remember how tired I was LOL.

    2. Barb,
      I wake up in Canada … you go to sleep in Australia — it all happens at the same time. Wonderful…
      For some reason, I too appreciate all more now. We’re so blessed to have it like this..

  4. found you again. somehow when yu switched over the blog, my subscription got lost in the shuffle. I’ve missed your posts so am glad to see your smiling face again!

    1. Very good, Joss 🙂 I too had some …not trouble, but all my subscriptions were set to ‘No email’. I kept wondering why noone was posting 🙂
      All is straightened out and it’s good to see you!

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