Walking in the Rain

Lily Lake in Rockwood Park

Yesterday started out promising, with a glorious sunrise. After having my little breakfast, I decided to take a walk to Rockwood Park … take some photos, get some fresh air.

I’ve never walked there before — always ridden the car. Have you noticed how close most things seem to be when you always go there by car?! With our proximity to the park, I’d figured it would take me ten minutes, at the most, to walk there. The walk took thirty minutes, and I walk at a rather fast pace.

Had almost forgotten how nice it is with a good walk, when you do it for pleasure … not because you have to be somewhere at a given time. You just put one foot in front of the other and let your thoughts wander. I’m a really good multi-tasker so I can walk and think at the same time 😆 Was thinking a little about this type of blogging and various topics popped up in my mind. Decided against most of them, thinking ‘nah … that’s way too personal’. There’s always that fine line … the balance I want to keep, as I don’t know who’s reading. There’s no way I can know how my words are perceived. Over the years, it has felt like I’ve known people online, but it never beats knowing someone ‘in real life’.

I’d only reached Somerset when I felt a raindrop on the tip of my nose. Could have turned around there, but  thought ‘I’ll wait and see how bad this will get’, and walked on. Only a few drops fell, well … quite a few when I reached the actual park, and then I came back home again. Not many pictures taken … hardly any at all. Talked a little with a mother and her three, young sons. They’d walked all the way from downtown.  A taxi was idling outside Lily’s Café and I was almost tempted, but then I thought: ‘what the heck is wrong with me?! I have two, healthy legs, just hoof it!’, and afterwards I was glad I did.

Today isn’t any better … fog and drizzle. A good day to spend on the couch.


11 thoughts on “Walking in the Rain”

  1. I wish I could walk like I used to… I am thinking of getting a bike, that migh build up the legs again.. Walking is good.. a solitude time for thinking and reflecting on things.. or just a time for experiencing what is around you.
    I love walking in the rain– in the sumer

    1. Cheryl, I was apparently in better shape than I thought … it wasn’t bad at all. Weather permitting, I’ll do it again soon.

  2. I love walking, especially when there is some beautiful scenery to enjoy. I am like you Rebekah, I think when I walk, all kinds of stuff comes into my head. I guess that’s why they say if you have writers block – take a walk, get some fresh air – and by jove, it works for me!
    I also ride my bike with a friend every Sunday morning – we ride along the Esplanade and watch people enjoying the beach and the fishing. It’s very therapeutic, and a good way to start the day!

    1. It does work indeed … so many thoughts pop up! What a great thing you have going there, with your friend and the bike rides! Sounds really lovely, and people watching is always so interesting.

  3. Sounds like a good day! We are hot. Saw 95F. Awful. Not quite as humid so that helped. No rain. No chance. Sigh….

  4. I agree, the trouble with the internet is that you never know who’s lurking. I always think ‘suppose the family read this’. LOL, would it matter if they did?

  5. It’s been raining in the north quite badly the past few days too, and it’s restricted us all to inside our homes. My mother has always liked to walk, rain or shine, she’s a nature one. But, i’ve never really had the time or even know of a place to walk to that’s as peaceful and interesting. I’ve always preferred a bustling city; I’m a student in Liverpool, and I have to walk everywhere. I love the smell, the noises, even the sights in the city. However, I really do appreciate why people enjoy walking in a peaceful park. I find myself however, wherever I am, wherever I’m walking to, city or park, I’m always inspired and let my thoughts wander. Glad to hear you had a good day! Great post! I wrote a post with rain as my focus the other day too, http://fromrebecca.wordpress.com. Please check it out, it’s interesting to find how such a small thing as rain can be perceived totally differently by two strangers.

    1. Hi Rebecca and thanks for stopping by 🙂 Oh I love the city too … we live in a little city — not so bustling, even though it likes to think so 🙂 I’m going to look at your post now, when I’m finished with this..

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