Accept what you cannot change ~ Pet Peeves

Over the years, I’ve become pretty good at accepting that I can’t change certain things. Instead of wasting energy on trying to change, and thinking about how much I want to change it, I try to settle in both my mind and in my heart that things are the way they are. There have been times when that has felt like a big relief.

Other times, things are bugging me and I realise that it’s possible to rid myself of them — that’s a relief too.

Then there are TV-commercials.  TV-commercials in general, I won’t even go into, but the fact that the volume automatically goes up when the commercials come on … that bugs me to no end, and I have a really hard time accepting that.

I have tinnitus, and when the TV is too loud, the tinnitus gets worse … it’s like it’s trying to compensate for all the noise around me.  Just the fact that I’m not really in control of my own TV … BIG pet peeve!

There must be lots of people that are angry about this, one would think. It’s like telemarketing … who likes telemarketing? Why are  they allowed to call me … most often around supper time?! I wouldn’t say a word if the telephone was a FREE service, but I pay for the damned thing … just for  the pleasure of having a telephone.

Jerry Seinfeld handled it very well. In one episode, he was called up by a telemarketer. Jerry asked for their home phone number, so that he could call them back. They wouldn’t give that to him, of course. «You don’t want people to call you at home, huh?!», Jerry said …. «now you know how I feel!»

Those are two issues that I, so far, haven’t been able to accept. Guess I should be out on a ledge somewhere, instead of just sitting here with a lot of opinions.


10 thoughts on “Accept what you cannot change ~ Pet Peeves”

    1. *teehee* … as of this last Christmas, I do have one. Gerry had bought some blackberries, and it struck us that that was the real thing — hence the picture.

  1. I agree on both issues. It is almost better to dvr a show and watch it and dash through the commercials!! Telemarketers here are not allowed to call before 9am, during meals, or after 9pm. But there are certain ones that the rules do not apply to so it still happens. It should all be outlawed. And they prey on older people who are a bit confused.

    Love the Blackberry photo!!!

    1. Hej Julie, Our DVD is out of order … or, not the actual DVD *player*, but something else, that’s beyond me. We won’t bother with it as we’ll buy one of those flat screens and get HDTV. So, for now, I live with commercials.

      That’s a pretty good setup, with the time limits for the marketing … at least it’s *something*!

  2. Hi! I found your blog from a comment you posted on Touch2Touch [] (interesting, considering your May 7 blog post) – and I thought you might enjoy reading a post I happened to write on this same day, about a similar subject. (No, I don’t use the DailyPost suggested topics; I always do my own – so interesting how our two worlds kind of converged on this one.) 🙂 Anyway, here’s the post if you are curious:

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Stef. This is a nice surprise, and the blogging community at its best.

      I’ve read your post and will comment there. Acceptance and Empathy are two powerful tools.

      When I feel that there’s something that appeal to me, I do the WP-suggestions but most of the time they’re too far out for me.

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