New Beginnings

This will be my new blog for the Daily Post-challenge.

Yesterday, I finally decided to move my self-hosted blog to free wordpress. I tried to import my old blog, but messed it up so badly so I ended up starting with a clean slate. I don’t know what I did wrong, or how I could mess up something so straightforward — it’s really not important. On top of the whole misery, I had the other blog connected to Twitter and Facebook so when I tried to do the import, all the posts appeared there too. I really made a fool of myself.

I won’t go into the reasons for this change, except that there are so many pros with a free blog, while taking part in this «Blog A Day» thing. Hopefully, I’ll manage to keep my readers.

It was election day here in Canada yesterday, but that was somewhat overshadowed by the news of the death of the man who has personified evil in recent years.. I was just about the grab the remote and shut the TV off on Sunday night, when the screen went all red with breaking news. It took a few seconds for the information to sink in … that it was true! It said that the President would come on soon and make a statement so I, of course, remained sitting … listening. I was thankful I was up to witness all this live … thinking about how there are not many months left to the 10th anniversary of that fateful day [night in my case] 9-11, and how the families of the victims might feel.

Now we’ll just see what happens. I doubt that flying will be any easier … we’ll probably continue to take off our shoes, be patted down, scanned or whatever, and I’ll never look at a civil airliner in the sky the same way as I did before 9-11. That changed forever!


6 thoughts on “New Beginnings”

  1. Rebekah: Where you lead, I will follow.

    Sunday was a remarkable night. While it brought me satisfaction to hear of that mans’s death (as well as memories of NYC on that awful day – for some reason the smell has always stayed with me) I wish more attention had been paid to all the death, destruction and life changes that day and all the following days have brought and less to the “celebrations”

    1. Thank you, Quotidian.
      Nothing is so tightly connected to our memory as smell.

      It felt a little strange to watch those «celebrations». I was thinking perhaps this reaction was so spontaneous so they couldn’t come up with anything else.

      I liked Colin Power’s comment on CNN yesterday, when they were talking about how they had buried him at sea, taking all the Muslim laws into consideration. He said that ‘HE certainly didn’t take anything into consideration, but that’s who we are.’

      Will you be in the city during the 10th anniversary?

  2. I’m glad you’re still blogging… I’m the one who has slowed to a crawl, blog-wise, but you’ve kept on. Bravo! I guess you won’t be tinkering with the design so much with the free-hosted version, but I hope you still have lots of fun with it!

    1. No, and honestly I think all the tinkering took away from the blogging. The supply of themese and the possibilities were endless. I got fed up, and the wp challenge is funnier when you have the free. These last two days, I’ve thought about how wasted the money really was on a small, private blog like mine.

      Hope you’re well…

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