With this post, I’ve completed 33,3 per cent of the WP-challenge Daily Post. I wouldn’t have known this had they not posted about it.

It’s 10 o’clock at night this Saturday so I was two hours from missing out this day. I have absolutely nothing to say, except that perhaps 33,3% completed is just fine and I’ll leave it at that. We’ll see — tomorrow is another day.


9 thoughts on “33,3%”

  1. Well, speaking as a writer for 7 decades: there are a couple of things you can try.
    – You can post a photograph with no comment, or a single comment, a single quotation, or even a single thought that you let yourself ponder till it surprises YOU.
    – You can just write/right through it, and who cares what happens as long as one word follows another. Anything to keep the hand moving.
    – You can think of something that you might find encouraging — a subject, a state of mind, and google it, and see what happens when you follow different leads.
    – You can suggest a book you like, and why. Or not even bother with why.
    – You can send a post, like a postcard, to yourself.
    – You can repost some old posts. Then think about what you think of them after a lapse of time. Post about that if you want to. Or not.
    I bet I could come up with some more — but that's enough and more than enough words from me. Virtual hugs, J


    1. Thank you, THANK YOU, Judith!!! While you wrote this comment I actually did almost what you suggested in the first item. Found an old photo and wrote … something.

      I have copied this comment and stored it here on the computer for future rock bottom hits 🙂 It feels a little better now.

  2. I do hope you find it in you to keep on writing, I do think you're very good at it. But don't mind us, do as you wish. As you state, you write for yourself, not to be read. If it's just a writer's block then you might want to check the library for books about writing, they can be helpful. If it's the writing and a kind of feeling that it has become an obligation to you, in stead of something fun or fulfilling, then just stop or lessen the amount of blogs. No harm in that, is there? Even though I'd miss it… 🙂

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