Weekly Photo Challenge: Round

This is an old photo from 2005, while we still lived in Quebec. We had raccoons coming to our back porch each night — we had no neighbours so I used to put out a little something for them. Before 2004, I’d never seen a raccoon in real life. The first time I looked a raccoon in the eyes, it was Love!

Here, we’d decided that Elmer, as we’d named him, should experience a little Hallowe’en spirit, so we put a few marshmallows inside the pumpkin and put it out there. This picture was shot through a glass door, so it’s a little photoshopped to get rid of the glare from the flash.

Two years later … here he’s just lifting off the cover of the pumpkin, with his little hands.

And here — he’s really going for the marshmallows! 


I miss the raccoons. Thought Elmer’s and the pumpkin’s rounded shape would do well for this week’s photo topic.


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Round”

    1. They were so much fun to watch, and there were cute little furball babies each Spring.The other night, I watched some nature programme on TV about urban raccoons … how well they adapt to city life.

  1. I’ve always liked raccoons… The other night, I looked out on the porch to check on the outside cats’ food. To my surprise there was a big fat raccoon , so I guess, I have been feeding the local scrounger.. He was joined by a white (albino) possum.. WOW, the coon was not happy, he spat at the possum.. I took pictures through the door.. I haven’t seen the raccoon back

    1. LOL oh, for sure you have, if you put food out! That must really have been something to watch … and albino too!

      While we still lived there, at one point the raccoon baby — who grew up to be huge like his father — wouldn’t let his own mother eat, even!

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