Fog blog

That could have been a suitable name or theme for this whole blog. It’s a soggy weather system that has moved in and seemingly parked itself here. At least we’re not under any weather warning, like the northern part of this province … warnings for freezing rain, flurries and whatnot.

Like I said the other day, taking a photo from the balcony would be pointless, because it would be totally white. We live Β in an apartment building, so Rockwood Park with Lily Lake has taken the place of our backyard [photo from 2009].

Today my heart goes out to the American south. Last night, I kept reading in Twitter and CNN about the storms, ripping through the south, killing thirty seven people. When I got up now this morning, the number had risen to one hundred fifty nine [159!]. UPDATE: 173

It would have been just as sad if only one life had been lost. We’re all somebody’s son or daugher, husband, wife, sister, brother, friend …

Β«This Just InΒ» … together, those must be the worst words one can hear, and it’s also the name of CNN’s breaking news blog. When you just sit around, listening to news — perhaps half-heartedly — and you hear those three words, you know that something horrible has happened.

Depending on the severity or the circumstances, it could even turn into one of those dates that’s forever etched in your mind … one, where you can tell exactly where you were and what you were doing when you learned about it, like 9-11 or the JFK assassination.

Can’t seem to come up with anything cheerful today. At least I haven’t challenged myself to write any certain amount of words … just once a day.

Each time I look at hanging droplets like this, I wish I was able to translate poetry. I’m not much of a poetry person, but I have a favourite and it’s in Swedish. The Internet is marvellous — I just found out that somebody named McDuff (!) had already translated it.



13 thoughts on “Fog blog”

  1. Wonderful photos as usual! =o)

    It is yet another tragedy with them storms =o( My thoughts are for sure with them families…

    I used to write poetry a lot many years ago, but like most of the things I get an interest in, after a while I lose interest… or just can not find any inspiration….

    It's a nice poem that one! And how cool that someone names McDuff had translated it lol


    1. Thank you, Mona.

      Usually, I have a really hard time keeping up the enthusiasm for my different projects. I think it runs in the family — my brother is like that too. I have thought about the photography, but I doubt that will fade away. That feels like a part of life now.

      Poetry was just never for me. Sometimes I read stuff, and I just don't get it. I don't know what to say?! We're all different and that's a good thing πŸ™‚

  2. Awesome photos Rebekah – I love the branch with the droplet of water which contains a reflection in it!
    Joceline has a point – you should copyright your photographs, they are so good and people will start copying them. I use Picasa to copyright mine.
    I don't particularly like fog, but it sure makes for an intriguing photo as yours is above.

  3. Joceline,
    Thank you! πŸ™‚ so glad you like it! I can send you a full resolution copy of it…

    I will start doing that as of tomorrow. It's so easily done.

  4. Judith,
    Yes, could be some little planet! They took away, or rather, downgraded, Pluto so it can't be that LOL.
    The ending of that poem is indeed triumphant. She who wrote the Swedish original committed suicide eventually.

    1. Oh, dear! That is sad, always sad when people who provide inspiration for others can't ultimately provide it for themselves. But I enjoyed it, I see why you remembered it.BTW, the photo of the drop was quite wonderful.

  5. I love droplets. Very cool.

    The scary thing about those storms is that is OUR weather here. Should be ours and they have it. No idea why it moved to the SE. It is so awful there for them.

    I just got done watching the wedding. I loved it. Perfect. I hope they stay happy!

    1. I love them too. I would like to learn how to take one, so that I get a perfect image reflection in it … of for example a flower or so.
      Guess those storms were unpredictable. Horrible! So, it was nice to watch the wedding and take the mind off things.

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