Seeing double

These, two guys were taking a break from fishing in the Reversing Falls, and spent some time with the ducks in the pond instead. Very peaceful, in comparison to their usual fight for fish.

We’re now up to #107 in the Daily Post. There are days … like today … when I feel it would be real easy to — perhaps not, dropping out, but … falling behind. That’s why I’m posting this now … in order to keep up! When I have 365 posts in my Daily Post-category, I’ll look back and feel a little proud of myself.

The thing is, I really want to write every day … I am looking forward to it in the morning [which is my best time], but some days it IS hard. The best thing for me those days, is to just pull up this box and start writing something, no matter how pointless it seems. I can always change as I go along — as long as I get a head start, and as long it doesn’t begin to feel like a job.

To all of you who stop by and comment here: A Great Big THANK YOU. There are days I admittedly write just for the sake of it, and I’m thinking you’re wonderful to come up with something to say.

This morning, the fog is thick and wet … not at all «romantically billowing» like they wrote in the Disney Cruise line. The fog, I think, is weighing down on my usually fertile mind — perhaps that’s why I had a hard time getting started here today?! To every idea that popped up in my head, my mind answered «Who cares?!» That’s not a good thing …. when you start thinking about who would care about this or  that — then you’ll never get anything written at all!

The Flasher!So … these, two coromorants will have to stay as today’s featured bird! They’re quite amazing fishermen and they look so cool in their classical position with their wings out to dry!

It’s supposed to rain for the remainder of this week. What a difference to yesterday, that was really warm and not even any wind!  Our Spring is still brown … as we drove by the golf course yesterday, it looked amazing with the intense green! They must do something special to that grass.


9 thoughts on “Seeing double”

  1. I knew about their wingspread — you caught a great shot of that — but who knew they had such beautiful jeweled eyes!

  2. Great shots of the cormorants. I'm so impressed with your picture taking. keep posting. A few years ago I was in Amsterdam on the canals and got a shot of a cormorant sitting on a post there. It was neat to see a bird 'from home'. heh heh.

  3. This photo is wonderful with the similarity of their poses and the striking blue eyes. I love it, love it love it.

    I can't imagine posting each day. I have been participating in the April Poem-a-Day challenge at Writers Digest and I have managed to post at least a poem a day but I am not a flash writer and a lot of these are things I would not have allowed to see the light of day in the past. But this time I gave myself permissison to be mediocre – which is even harder for me than to be horrible, I think. Before this, in the past year, I wrote perhaps 3 poems. Now I have 40 some odd this April. I will like a few of them eventually, I know. Lori Thatcher

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Nuvofelt… Yeah, the water looks almost like mercury or some liquid metal… Now I'm going to try and find your blog too 🙂

  4. The water looks amazing in that first photo – and just look at the steely blue eyes of the cormorants – wow!
    I chose to post weekly because I knew I just wouldn't be able to keep up with daily posting, so you have my admiration for posting daily Rebekah.
    I can appreciate that sometimes you must rack your brains wondering what to write about next, but you are doing a fantastic job – your blog is the one I am always drawn to first when I see your name in my Inbox; I love reading your posts about where you live and the wildlife you enjoy around you – they are always interesting and your photography is a pleasure.
    Keep pulling up that box every day!

  5. How great it would be to say it was going to rain the rest of the week!! A little chance tonite then nothing. And I thank you for blogging every day. I enjoy your posts.

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