Saint John River

I can see the river from our window up here. In the mornings — like it is now — it’s always calm and cool, looking like a mirror. Other times it can be a little choppy … it all depends. In any event, it’s beautiful, and yesterday we took a drive along it up towards the Fredericton area.

Our Spring is still brown. There were spots where you could see slight shades of green but not on the trees … merely on grass.

Our first, brief stop, was Morrisdale. There’s a little lighthouse there and you have a grand view of the river.

Deep down, I was hoping to see some Ospreys, like we did last year, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Near Queenstown, someone has put up a really tall pole, with one of those wooden pallets on top. That seems to work well — I’ve seen several of them and Ospreys build their nests there.

The one up on Kingston peninsula broke off … unfortunately, because it was so handy to the road. This one yesterday is a little too far away for a good shot and I didn’t want to disturb them in any way.

Hung around there for quite a while to see if the other parent would show, but he or she was sitting in a tree nearby, eating a fish. He was still sitting there when we’d turned around and drove back.

I decided to put in the pictures in a little gallery like this for easy viewing. Click on the first and then the arrows… Some of the photos are from the same trip last year.

Saw a large group of Scaup … the duck-like bird in the gallery. I haven’t seen too many of them before — they have a very elegant design! The little, brown calves were just too cute for words, with their curious faces! I don’t know what type of cows they are, but the mother could sure use a hair-cut … those bangs are hanging way down over her eyes! 🙂

Today is Easter Monday … still holiday, but the stores will be open between noon and 5 o’clock as they are on a regular Sunday. It’s still very early … the day is wide open, like a blank sheet of paper.


6 thoughts on “Saint John River”

  1. What a lovely little trip. Grass is greening here slowly also; buds slowly forming on trees…Spring taking a long time to arrive; maybe we have forgotten that it takes almost 2 months for things to bud & bloom…..
    I love all photos…those falcons are gorgeous & the scaups cute…we have a few pairs here in the bird reserve & they can come & go freely. I am not sure what kind of cows those are but I am thinking Scottish kind…I know they have shaggy "haircuts" & those lovely horns…I will have to Google this & get back to you. Glad you had a Hoppy Easter. Ours was quiet. Better to be at peace than embrolied in family dysfunction….Nylablue sends McDuff her eeowws….I send warm regards, Sherri Ellen

  2. Thank you, Sherriellen! 🙂 Wonderful info …

    Today I saw some poplar trees that were getting some green on them. It's a start! We got some unexpected hot weather today… 13C, it was really nice!

  3. Yup, I recognized them straight away as Highland cattle, just like Sherriellen says! They are lovely, quiet cattle. I love the photos of them, in fact, all your shots are awesome! You live in an amazing place Rebekah, there is so much wildlife and unusual birds on your doorstep so to speak – a photographer's heaven!
    Thanks for sharing your photos with us, I really enjoyed them, and seeing where you live.

    1. Hey Barb,
      How cool that you recognized the cattle! They were so cute so we had to turn around, come back and take some photos of them.
      I was just saying to Gerry yesterday …. how fortunate I've been since I got this camera to see all this wildlife!

  4. Thank you Sherriellen,
    You're definitely right about the better with peace and quiet…
    We drove by the golf course yesterday, and it was amazingly green compared to its surroundings!

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