Feeding Frenzy

Looking at the Daily Post blog this morning, I don’t know if it’s temporary or if the enthusiasm has … lessened. Maybe it’s just me. I go there and check the suggested topics, to see if there is anything appealing but lately nothing has really ‘spoken’ to me. «If you could go invisible for a day» … ?! Come on! Anyway, it’s difficult to come up with something engaging. I watch the chat in the Eaglecam’s website and that is apparently something that really engages people. They get very obsessive about the eaglets and there are typically around 80,000 people online watching most of the time … sometimes more. I can understand that people go back and watch … it’s both amazing and calming.

Haven’t seen any eagles around here, but I’ve watched the feeding frenzy at the Reversing Falls. The cormorants are back in full force now. At first there were only a little group of forerunners. They go down  to Georgia and Florida to winter, but the know their way back to Saint John, N.B. and remember that the fishing is good at the Reversing Falls. When I was new to the camera, I used to spend a lot of time practising on them … catching them as they landed.


These last few days, the sight at the falls has been amazing! The frenzy … it must be something special about the fish — maybe gaspereau or herring — but they are there at incoming tide, by the hundreds. They are fishing and the gulls try to take their fish! One would think they could do their own fishing instead of stealing others’ catch, huh?! Slackers! LOL

It’s very easy to get emotional … both about this and the eagles … forgetting that this is nature and this is what they do … we tend to apply human emotions on wildlife sometimes 🙂

Yesterday, which turned out to be a warm and beautiful, spring day, there even was a cormorant in the duck pond in the park! That happens every now and then and they get along just fine! I even saw him catching some kind of little fish there!

Gerry tells me, when he was a kid here in Saint John, they used to refer to the cormorants as «hell divers», and the harbour seals as «sea dogs». Hence the name of our hockey team here … the Saint John SeaDogs! They are doing really good for themselves!

The cormorant is actually a quite beautiful bird! All creatures are beautiful in their own way, if you take a close-up look at them [click on image for better viewing], and I can hardly believe that I’m up early in the morning, writing a long blog post about cormorants!!!

Nevertheless … here it is, because I didn’t see myself writing about what I’d do «if I was the President for one day», which was another suggestion they had, and a job I wouldn’t want for my life!. The things I’d do couldn’t be accomplished in one day … that’s for sure. With a little bit of imagination, I’d turn all the  people of this world magically open minded, accepting, tolerant, less ignorant, at the drop of a hat! I’d attack the obesity problem — which I think is a ticking time bomb — head on, on a broad front. There … I’ve named at least two things that I’d do 🙂




9 thoughts on “Feeding Frenzy”

  1. The blackback gulls are thieves …. and bullies … trying and vying amongst themselves to snatch the poor , hard-working cormorants' catch.

    1. SeanRud,Yes, it's a tough life being a Cormorant. At least this one got away with his fish. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking time out to comment 🙂

  2. Rebekah,
    Write what you love.
    You love birds.
    The postaday is artificial, fun for those it's fun for, sometimes fun for you. But you have a bigger life, and that's what you often write out of.
    I love your tea cups and your coffee cups, more importantly, you love them too!

    1. Judith,Well yes … that's what I do, most of the time. Sometimes though, I find it difficult not to cross the line and get too personal. Yes, I love all furry and feathered friends … which was already demonstrated 🙂

  3. You always write about interesting stuff Rebekah, I love your blog and your excellent photographs. These ones today of the cormorants are telling us a story. Gulls are thieves – I have seen them here waiting to pounce on another bird's catch!

    1. Barb,Thank you for your kind words about my pictures. If I feel that nothing has happened, I have nothing to write about, I can always browse the pictures until I find something. Yes, Gulls are definitely thieves and there was a lot of drama going on there 🙂

  4. Lots of birds!!!! Wish I lived near the sea! My last visit to the park with the lake and geese, one of them would dive under the water and swim aways before resurfacing. I had not seen that before. It is peaceful there and I like to sit and watch. With my camera of course.

    We are in a cool weather time. Supposed to rain today but it missed us. a second chance after midnite. I am not hopeful. We are desperate for rain but there are places much worse.

    1. Yeah, they are really numerous! It looks so funny, earlier in the Spring, when you see three, four of them — like they sent out a few troops first, to check things out. Then they come back for real … in full force.It's kind of peaceful to watch birds..

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