Before I started this blog, I sat down … in the middle of the night it was … and thought through what I really wanted with it. I got it all down on the About page. This was before I even knew about the WP Daily Post-challenge.

My goal(s) for this blog remain the same after almost four months:

  • Communication. Meeting people from anywhere in the world.
  • Writing can be therapeutic. To ‘make sense of it all’ without getting too personal [that’s a challenge in itself].
  • Honing my English while writing about living in Atlantic Canada, as opposed to Sweden … i.e. to change continent at the age of fifty.

There you have it … three items. One thing that we’ve been talking about here at home lately though … If you want to write for posterity — create a legacy — I honestly don’t know that writing on your own domain is the best way. As soon as you stop paying for the domain name and web space, it will vanish! I’m beginning to think that free WordPress.com would be better for that purpose. Those blogs never seem to go away, no matter whether they get updated or not. I’ve seen blogs that haven’t been updated since 2002 and they’re still there. Something to bear in mind, perhaps … ?!

I’ve had many blogs … I’ve started without thinking it through at all, and the first time I got any feeling for the sense of community was in Yahoo 360 back in 2005. Never forget when I got my first comment from a [then] complete stranger … finding out that there were other people interested in the same things as I! It was marvellous!

While thinking about this blogging project, I also had thoughts about turning into a photo blog but soon decided against it. As much as I love to take photos, I want to write too, so most of the time they’re incorporated into the posts.

These two photos today are just examples of the progress of Spring here in Saint John. There’s still snow in shady places but it’s getting harder all the time to spot it!

To wrap all this up … I want it to remain a blog where it feels like sitting down with a cup of tea or coffee … having a chit-chat — most of the time plain small talk, sometimes more serious.



3 thoughts on “What?”

  1. You're definitely meeting your goal as your blog feels exactly like you want it to – a chit chat over a coffee. It's charming and one of the reasons I'm looking forward to meeting you in real life!! And you're right wordpress blogs (free ones) don't go away although you can make them invisible if you choose!
    keep on blogging, your words and pictures are a blessing to me and many others.
    walk in beauty.

  2. Interesting watching your mind muse.
    You don't even mind that I'm drinking tea, not coffee. 🙂
    P.S. I'm happy with wordpress.com

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