Yesterday we got some wild winds here! The weather warning had been up on the webpage since the night before, but we didn’t really realize what it was like outside. The wind was blowing out of south-east [which is unusual], and we live on the side of the building pointing north. Read a post in Facebook about the beach outside of town, and we decided to go out and have a look. It was high tide when we went there and that also made for higher waves of course. The heavy rain and the gusts made it almost impossible to get any good shots of it. Spent a few seconds outside the car and was soaking wet into the bones afterwards.

The picture isn’t from the usual Saints’ Rest, it’s McLaren’s Beach … a place that normally is calm no matter what the weather’s like.

Today is, what looks like, a fine Monday morning, I slept in a little bit and can’t think yet 🙂 I’ll bring some color into this post and get on with my day!



6 thoughts on “Wild”

  1. Your first photo is full of drama Rebekah, in contrast to the beautiful, serene tulip! (What a gorgeous shade of pink!)
    Love 'em both!

    1. Barb,Of all pictures I took that day, that's the one I liked the best. It was too windy to stand still. Flowers are always gratifying as photo objects … Now it soon will be Easter, and all the Easter Lilies are coming out in the stores … The Easter Lily is one of my absolute favourite flowers..

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