Colourful birds

Often it seems to me that there are more colourful birds here, in North America, than in Sweden … (was going to write Europe, but I don’t know anything about the rest of Europe).

Before I go on, I’d like to point out that I’m not a «birder» per se … my interest in birds, mainly waterfowl, started late in life, and I’m not out early mornings with binoculars … I just love them and to take pictures of them when I can.

The Blue Jay has been elusive lately, but yesterday I saw this guy, sitting around in Rockwood Park.

When I had first arrived in Quebec, the blue jay was my first bird acquaintance. There was so much snow, so his lovely blue colour really stood out, and I thought it was some exotic bird that had escaped from a cage! He has remained a favourite of mine. I never tire of looking at his intricate design.

When we’d lived here in Saint John for some time … I think we were down by the Reversing Falls, when I saw something small and bright yellow flying by. It happened too fast — I couldn’t see what it really was.

Later on, when I got the camera and started spending more and more time in the park, I’ve seen several yellow birds.

This Yellow Warbler, was just waking up one early morning last Summer in Rockwood Park. I started going there real early last summer — not only for birds, but also for the serenity and the colours of the morning … the, almost indigo, light the minute before sunrise. It’s priceless.

I have yet to see a Cardinal bird in real life. I’ve seen from a distance … a bright red spot in some bushes, but I can’t say that I’ve seen the real bird yet. Countless, gorgeous pictures, though …

Can’t think of many birds back home with these bright colours. One that comes to mind is  the Eurasian Bullfinch (Domherre).

Pyrrhula pyrrhula -Germany -perching in a garden tree -pair-8aHe’s a popular  guest by the bird feeders, but you mainly see him in the Winter.

My mum used to put out birdseed all the time during the Winter months, hoping for the ‘domherre’ to show up, and he did, most of the time.

This picture of these bullfinches, is from Wikimedia [what a wonderful website to have around when you need a picture]. I don’t have any bird photos of my own from Sweden.

The Blue Jay has a distant relative in Sweden — the Eurasian Jay — but it’s beige and one thing that shows they’re related is a small blue patch on its wing.


I’ll sum this up with the American Goldfinch before it gets to be too long. They seem to be quite common, and they often hang around down on Tin Can Beach. Last Summer was extremely hot, and this little guy was taking a bath! Good for him… 🙂


5 thoughts on “Colourful birds”

  1. Rebekah – these pictures are fantastic, you definitely have a talent for photography!
    These birds you have captured on film are so beautiful and colourful – I especially like the little American Goldfinch taking a bath – priceless!

  2. I have blue jays here. Hear them often. Been so stormy and windy the feeders have been deserted. But tonite I looked out and saw many Harris sparrows, a winter bird, a couple of cardinals, a robin, a chickadee, and a woodpecker, downy I think. The cardinals are always the very last to eat as it gets dark out. Not seen any juncos for a few days. Must be gone. I am hoping to keep a few goldfinches. Winter we have hundreds, but most leave for summer. If we have bullfinches, I have never seen them.

    1. Hej Julie,
      That's cool … I looked at the webcam in Iowa now and they had snow!

      I'm always hoping to see a Cardinal somewhere… bird, that is LOL

  3. Thank you, Joceline 🙂
    It is so much fun to take pictures of birds, but such a challenge as they rarely sit still LOL… There are times that I think I should do something else … like shoot landscape, but I don't seem to have the knack for that.

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