Back to normal …

Whatever happened yesterday morning, it was all sorted out and I won’t dwell on it … so much. If my trouble had anything to do with the hacker attack WP was victim of yesterday … I don’t know. From what I understood by reading their blog, it shouldn’t have anything to do with wp.ORG … i.e. the self-hosted ones. Either way, what happened was a good reminder of backing up your stuff. I have Backupify for free one year, and I will seriously consider to pay for it when the free year is up.

Now … today is a fine and foggy day, everything is working smoothly and all three eaglets are still alive. My coffee is black and strong … Gerry gave me a new coffee mug the other day, and I love it — him too, for that matter 🙂 The mug is from Hayward & Warwick … a somewhat ‘unexpected’ store on Princess St. here in Saint John, where you could spend hours, just browsing. Please, check out this link if your interested in fine china. ‘Unexpected‘, because the street itself doesn’t look like you could find a store like this there.

This mug is English [Woodlea China], and rather thin — I somehow think that coffee tastes better in a thin cup — and has poppies on it.

The other day, the WordPress-team asked us what topics we wanted to see, and that post got 162 comments. It’s a well of  [great] suggestions, but here I managed to write a topic-less post today.

McDuff had puked on the floor overnight … right outside our bedroom. Luckily I didn’t step in it when I got up, so that was a good thing. He’s very sensitive to changes in weather so he wasn’t feeling too good last night, I guess. Poor little guy … he’s fine now though.




15 thoughts on “Back to normal …”

  1. Vilken fin mugg!! Vad gulligt av Gerry att köpa den till dig! =o)

    Jag håller på att bränna alla mina bilder på cd-skivor ifall att… Man kan aldrig vara för säker. Det tar tid, men det är värt det!

    Stackars lilla McDuff! Glad att han mår bättre!

    Ha en fin dag! KRAMIS

    1. Hej Mona … va' kul att se Dig här.. Jag är väldigt glad för muggen, vallmo är en av mina favorit blommor.
      Jag ligger efter med att bränna, så jag ska försöka komma i kapp.
      McDuff mår bra nu. Jag har märkt att när han är rädd har han en tendens att kräkas … lillgubben..

  2. It's a lovely mug. I would like to drink my coffee from it, too. As for McDuff, well it's also hairball season, as they shed their winter coat. These days, with four cats, I'm not even bothering to put my spray bottle of Nature's Miracle away. It sits on my counter all day. And, I ALWAYS watch where I'm walking.

  3. Lovely mug and I will continue following your blog. My personal information has been breached three times this year plus one time last year and now Therefore, today I am deactivating and/or deleting every online account I have including online banking, etc. I no longer trust any of these avenues. I think I can continue to meet and read great blogs like yours without having any social media or anything of importance "in the clouds".


    1. Linda,
      Wow … that's terrible! I've been online since 1996, and the first time it happened was just a few weeks ago … in Gmail, and now WordPress. I used to do online banking before I moved, but not anymore, so at least that is not an issue. I've hardly stated my real name anywhere.

      Thank you for your kind words about my blog … and we'll keep in touch 🙂

  4. Hello Rebby: Don't get me started on hackers!! After what I went @ FB getting locked out I never want to be hacked again…..HACKERS: go get a REAL job & leave the rest of us alone!
    Love the new mug; it is lovely!! Wil have to check out the link for sure.
    As for cats & hairballs & puke in general it's ALL about Location, Location, Location!!!
    I am relieved McDuff is all right…when Nylablue (or any kitty throws up) I say better out than in!! Louise is right about this being throwin' up season as the kitties shed…I brush Nylablue nitely so I get any loose fur off her b4 she ingests it….in fact I AM NOT ALLOWED TO GO TO BED W/OUT BRUSHING HER FIRST!!! Yes she has me very well trained….lol….
    wishing you & Gerry & McDuff a great day…..sunny & very windy (NORTH WIND) here…sending it on to you soon>>>>

    1. Hey Sherri Ellen!
      I know … what a mess you had there with FB! It's really difficult to start a new there. These are all stupid, dumbass kids… I would like to slap them with a wet trout!

      Hadassah always puked on rugs. NEVER on the bare floor … if there was the slightest little rug around, she puked there. McDuff doesn't do that … he does it on the floor. I brush in the morning..

  5. Marge,
    Yes, it was kind of a 'scare'…for some time there, I thought I'd lost everything. This blog wouldn't have been the worst, but my images. I'm way behind with the burning so … I have some catching up to do there.

  6. I love your new mug Rebekah, and you are right – coffee (and tea cuz I’m English/Aussie!) always seems to taste so much nicer out of a thin cup or mug; don’t ask me why, but it does! I have my own personal thin cup at home and the family think I’m very fussy because I won’t drink out of any other! Problem when I go visiting however!
    I’ve got to add that you can’t beat English china for class!
    Sorry to hear about McDuff being sick – at least he doesn’t throw up on the rugs!

    1. Barb,
      It's funny about the tea — I was in England 1983. A little more than a week. I drank exclusively tea, every day, and loved it. P&G

      Even bought boxes of that particular tea with me home. After that was finished, I went back to coffee again and never really got back to tea. I drink it occasionally but not often. I keep asking myself why, because I really like the taste of it more than coffee.. I loved those little stainless pots they had, so I bought one of those too.

      I agree with you about the English china, and I really like stuff like that.

  7. such a pretty mug. it does seem to make a difference to the tea or coffee, having a nice mug, especially from someone who loves you, to drink from.
    have you see any sunshine this week? If so, please send it our way. it's been grey skies all week.

    1. Hi Joceline,
      Yes, it's very pretty … I haven't used anything else since I got it 🙂

      I've seen very little sunshine, but at least the fog lifted today and all the wet stuff disappeared. Supposedly tomorrow we'll see the sun again..

  8. I love that cup or mug. Very cool. I bet that is a neat shop.

    I am like 2 days behind in emails, blogs, etc. Finally catching up. Too busy for words!!

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