I will never understand what happened…

This was certainly a different kind of morning!

After checking the news, my email and the eaglecam I went over to write a blog. Couldn’t sign in to my WordPress admin. page. Got an error message that it was temporarily down or try to reload and all that usual. This is rare — I don’t even know if it has happened to me before. I had not changed anything yesterday … no new plugins or anything like that, that can cause the page to go down.

Went to Twitter. That was down, but only for me. Everything else was working fine … Gmail, CNN, Facebook … all the usual pages. Went and signed in to Flickr. Most of my pictures were … not gone, but broken … the red x.

Now it was starting to get to me, and I couldn’t make any sense of it. Twitter eventually got back, but not Flickr and my WP-page Kattsby. Was about to make the dreaded call to GoDaddy, my domain host when I remembered that I have a somewhat complicated set-up, the name itself is registered elsewhere. Noone will understand what I’m talking about so I won’t go in to the details of it.

For two hours I struggled with this … was just going to reboot the modem in order to get a new DNS,  as a last resort before calling, when all of a sudden I got in. BOTH Flickr and Kattsby!!!

If anyone who reads this has any kind of idea what could have caused this … please, any feedback would be very much appreciated. I wouldn’t even have known in which end to begin!

I have no idea of what I was going to write about in the first place. This was rather upsetting because these two pages are important to me … extremely important! I just don’t get it … two web sites, independently of each other …


6 thoughts on “I will never understand what happened…”

  1. Totally clueless!! For me, I have hit the internet button on my laptop without knowing it. Could have been a glitch with your server. Glad it resolved itself. Frustrating!!

  2. Oh man, I sure can't help. I go into a state of abject panic when anything goes wrong, because I don't have the slightest idea how to fix it. Then, I just start hitting buttons because, usually, things are messed up because I pushed the wrong button somewhere.

    1. Louise,
      Yeah … been there! But this was different, because I was pretty sure that this wasn't caused by anything *I* myself had done.

      It's late afternoon now, and I have since received an email about a hacker attack on WordPress' servers, so there I have the answer..

  3. Very frustrating for you. I just received the same email about a hacker attack on WordPress – that's a bit of a worry. Hope they didn't get any of your details.

    1. It was … before I got back in! I didn't know what to do. Now, at least I know what caused it. There are times when I think perhaps having the regular/free wp.com would be just as good.

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