Hidden Gem

My blogging buddy, Barb in Australia wrote about the divine-looking Rainbow Beach. This inspired me to write a little about this, hidden gem, not too far from Saint John.

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We often go out for a drive … sometimes aimlessly, sometimes with a plan. Gerry has a passion for maps, sometimes he finds some little place that we decide to check out. You can zoom out on this little map, by hitting the – sign, and see where we are in the world 🙂

Two years ago, when we’d only lived here for a few months, we were driving towards St. Martin, with its caves. We were driving along the ocean, past Gardners Creek, enjoying the rolling country side, came around a bend when a breathtaking view opened up before us.

We pulled over, I took a few photos of it. I was all new to the camera, and all this beauty was literally awesome.

We drove on, and after a few minutes we saw a road sign saying «Duck Pond Road», pointing right into the woods … a small, dirt road. We turned in there, as we often do … just for the fun of exploring places off the beaten track. I guess the name ‘Duck Pond Road’ appealed to me … perhaps I’d see some ducks there LOL.

After just  a minute of driving, we came out of the woods and this beach opened up … with a split
rock and all — the very beach we’d seen earlier from a distance, but had no idea where it actually was!


Not one human being there, but we thought since it was so early … it was April … that it probably would be rather crowded later in the summer. That’s not the case. We’ve been back there a countless number of times and there are never more than one or two people there.  Not one duck either!

These pictures — remember all pictures are clickable, for a better view — were taken on different occasions. At high tide, the rock is totally separated from the mainland, at low tide you can see connecting land.

These rocks are sandstone … hence the color, and there are caves here too, just as in St. Martin, but the latter are more well-known.

You could drive to this place in perhaps twenty minutes, but most people we’ve talked to here, don’t know about it. If you like peace, quiet and serenity … this is  the place to go! Here you can sit and ponder how small you are when you look at the rocks on the beach and the split rock itself … the amount of time it has taken to form, and how short our allotted time here is. When you start to think along those lines, it’s easy to get really philosophical.






11 thoughts on “Hidden Gem”

    1. Judith,
      Well, this particular place was really special as it was so unexpected. We didn't expect to find the place after we'd seen the view the first time.

  1. Lovely. We do that too, just explore and find hidden gems, But sometimes I keep notes and we go way out of our way to see things. This is one I really want to see, but I can't imagine if we'll ever get there.

    1. Lori,
      Gerry, my husband, is from here, but still many of these places are new to him too. I'd recommend a trip 🙂 very different from where you are now!

  2. It looks indeed incredibly beautiful. I can't understand there's hardly any people over there, but the better it is to enjoy it. You'd best not tell too many people… 😉

    1. Gerda,
      One wonders why … perhaps because there are so many beaches. This place isn't near any larger municipality either, and very close to it is a well known, touristy place with caves [St. Martin]. All the people go there.

  3. so lovely. My husband I also like to turn down a road just to see what's there. it's awesome when you come across a spot like this.

  4. What a beautiful spot Rebekah – and you wouldn't have found it but for your sense of adventure! You've taken some great shots.
    When we're out and about we do that; if we come across a road we've never been down before, and it looks interesting enough, or it has an interesting name, we head down it and see where it takes us! We did that one day when we came across a road called Tin Can Bay Road – and it led us to the cutest little town which we fell in love with – it became our vacation destination for years to come! It's an interesting place, so I should write about it and share it here.

    1. Barb,
      That is too funny … here in Saint John … IN the actual city, we have a small beach, that's named Tin Can Beach! It's not its real name … I don't think it even HAS a real name on the map, but all the people living here call it Tin Can Beach. I'm looking forward to reading about your Tin Can Bay! 🙂

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