a drive up on the Kingston peninsula

Today I woke up to a great deal of that ‘romantic fog‘ I wrote about yesterday! Rain too. It’s an extremely wet day. The air is filled with humidity.

What a difference to yesterday! The ferry connection between Millidgeville and the Kingston peninsula opened up yesterday … they could probably have started earlier because the Kennebecasis River has been free of ice for quite some time now.

We took a ride up on the peninsula. I was hoping to see some birds … eagles even, but did not see one bird! I kid you not!

I took this picture of Kennebecasis River from Chapel Grove. The other day, I wrote about Kennebec River in Maine. The two names sound similar, and my husband who has worked with Indian languages tells me that Kennebecasis is a diminutive … «little long water» or some such, originally ‘long tidal water’.

A post like this can’t be of any interest to anyone but [possibly] myself. LOL It’s just one of those mornings when I really wanted to write but didn’t have a topic. Nothing in the WP blog appealed to me today. Someone had suggested there, to just take any of your photos and write a story about it. Guess I could do that … I have a photo from the very same Kingston peninsula, that was taken two summers ago, and I’ll never forget the evening it was taken!

To make this more understandable to people I must state that I don’t handle heat very well. In fact, I can’t handle it at all! Earlier on this day … June 24, 2009, we’d been downtown. It was just an ordinary day. Went in to Staples to get some minor items … got out of there about fifteen minutes later, and I got a shock! Getting out of the store, it felt like someone had thrown a thick, wet and  HOT blanket over me! It was brutal and at that time I had no idea it cold get this hot here in Saint John! After all … the city is right at the ocean! This heat-wave hung around for I don’t know how long…  That first evening, we just couldn’t stay in the apartment so we drove up there … at least during the ferry ride I got a little relief.

When we got up on the peninsula, it was much worse. We do have a/c in the car, but now when I look at this picture I can still remember how I felt. Absolutely nothing was stirring …. the air was standing completely still and it was just hot, hot … HOT!



12 thoughts on “a drive up on the Kingston peninsula”

  1. We're alike there. I can't stand the heat either. It's why I like Winter so much, and why I will NEVER move South. The Summers would kill me. It sounds like you had a lovely drive yesterday. Sometimes just a small getaway like that can really refresh you.

    1. Louise,
      I love Autumn and Winter. That Summer, I thought I was going to die at one point. This apartment is very hot as it is … we bought an a/c to one room.

  2. Funny you should mention that you don't know why today's post would be of interest to anyone else but yourself. Just this morning I was thinking about your blog. I follow a few blogs (quite a few "writing" blogs) but for some reason, everytime I see "Kattsby" in my inbox, my ears perk up and I take a break from what I was heading for and read your post. It's like sitting down and hearing what a friend is doing today. It hasn't disappointed. So – not just you.

  3. I love your pictures. never worry about not knowing what to write, post some pics and tell us about them. It's always a treat to visit your blog.
    walk in beauty.

  4. Don't ever worry about your posts not being interesting to anyone else but you Rebekah, because I love hearing about the places round and about where you live. You take me on a journey each time you write about St John! It seems like such a beautiful place with lots to see – and stunning wildlife as well!
    Love the photos in this post too. You wouldn't like it where I live then – too hot for you! I hate the cold but it's nice one in a while!

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