Sunday Morning Sunrise

Many people have written about sunrises around the blogosphere, so why not me too. Mornings have become my favorite time of day. It’s the serenity of it all. Hardly any cars moving, just the occasional gull laughing. The morning mist still hanging around the river… Mornings like today, I just can’t help myself from trying to capture the beauty of it all, even though it’s always the same view.

It’s something about the colour of the light … just a few minutes before the sun comes up — when the very first rays hit the buildings. Almost … but still not the same … a few minutes after the sun sets. The light turns a little indigo.

Disney Cruise lines have decided to make Saint John a port of call in 2012. Saint John is known for its fog, jokingly called Fog Capital of Canada, and Disney wrote on their website «Compared to inland locations, the climate of Saint John is moderate, with plenty of romantic fog billowing into the city throughout the year.» Many people here can’t stand the fog, so they found this sentence incredibly funny … about the romantic part! It’s a personal choice! I love the fog … perhaps I’m one of the few, but the feeling of being enveloped in it and how it absorbs all sounds. The only thing that’s missing here is the fog horn! That’s a sound I remember well from my childhood back home in Härnösand, Sweden — a likewise foggy town.

Here is a guy who really has it made! He has moved in to a hole at the duck pond in Rockwood Park, right beside the walking path around the pond, with an enchanted view of the ducks. He gets fed all the time by all the people walking there, thinking he’s cute as he’s peeking out. It seems he’s already used to it — I gave him a peanut yesterday and he wasn’t scared at all.




10 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Sunrise”

  1. I think the little guy knows you really have a rapport with creatures like him, and mallard ducks, and nature in general—
    He knows who to trust.

  2. I love fog!! wish we had more of it here. A rare treat! I like sunrises WHEN I get so early. But since I sleep so poorly, I rarely get up early.

    1. Julie,I think Saint John's reputation as Fog City is somewhat exaggerated. It's not all that often, but when it IS, it's really, really thick! I wake up earlier than I would want to..

  3. He's adorable. Sorry it's taken me so long to catch up. I've been moping around, tired and discouraged from my trip, the past couple of days. I've got myself together now, so will be visiting regularly again.

    1. That is understandable, Louise … that must have been emotionally draining too, as if not the long drive and all the work wasn't enough! Good to see you back!

  4. Sunrise is my favourite time of day, I guess that's why I'm up with the lark (or kookaburras in my case, hehe!) It's so peaceful and the light is magic just before the sun comes up properly. I love your photo of the early rays bouncing off the buildings.
    What is the little guy – a squirrel? He knows where his bread is buttered, doesn't he? Another great shot.

    1. It's the groundhog/marmot… and he sure does! He may look small now, but you'll see them in the Autumn … when they have eaten all summer! They're bigger than a big cat.

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