Kennebec River

Here in Saint John, N.B. we’re surrounded by water … we have the ocean and two rivers meet here — Saint John River and Kennebecasis River — but this morning I was thinking about Kennebec River, ME. As I was browsing the web at the same time as I was trying to dream up some kind of topic for today’s blog, Kennebec River kept popping back into my mind.

We used to drive along Kennebec River while we still lived in Quebec. I spent my first, almost five, years in North America in Quebec … outside Quebec City, so when we went to Maine, we drove down to the very sleepy little border town of Jackson, ME.  It’s so small so you have to look closely, otherwise you miss it.

I used to love those trips … quaint little towns and villages with beautiful sounding names. Skowhegan, Bingham, Caratunk … and Kennebec River. Back then I had yet to experience the Kennebecasis River, so I loved the name … I thought it rolled off the tongue so nicely … just like Kennebunkport [we eventually got to Kennebunkport too].

Bingham, ME

The first trip we took … perhaps 2006, went to Bar Harbor. My first impression of that trip … a picture that has remained in my memory … is that of the Attean Lakes. Speaking of place names, I thought that sounded heavenly, and they also looked that way. They are not too far from Jackson, and we often pulled in at a look-out place, by then we would have been driving  for almost two hours already. Had a small point & shoot camera with no optical zoom and I never got a picture of the Attean Lakes that I was happy with. Now, when my whole outlook on photography … and most importantly, my camera … has changed, we’re not very likely to go that way again. We even bought the second camera [Canon SX100is] in Skowhegan! Photos got a little better after that.

Having seen the Attean Lakes in real life, I just don’t want to put in any of the photos I took … they’re too discouraging.

In fact, we’ve never driven along Kennebec River with this camera I have now. I look at the pictures I took and wish I could go back. I’m beginning  to sound like the spokesperson for Maine tourism, which is weird when we have so much beauty here, but I promise you … I will get back to that — many times!

My spouse, who is a bit of a history buff, told me stories about the first explorers and how they had to carry their canoes sometimes … and that’s why certain places are named portage.

There’s a sign in remembrance of Benedict Arnold at one point along the way.

Now we’re living only an hour’s drive from the Maine border and the closest town is Calais.

We’ve made several trips to Maine and I’ve seen so much beauty and and nice-sounding place names so it could fill out numerous blogs, but today I wanted to write about Kennebec River.






5 thoughts on “Kennebec River”

  1. Maine is a beautiful State. Of course, I think any place where there is water, be it a river, a lake, the ocean, is filled with beauty and life. thank you for taking me on this lovely trip today.
    walk in beauty.

    1. Joceline,Yes, it is very beautiful! Unfortunately it's one of the two states I've been to. Well … a brief visit in to New Hampshire but that was so quick so it hardly counts.

  2. It sounds like magic – my kinda place! I miss the Autumn, seeing the leaves turning so colourful and falling (I loved running through them when I was a kid)! Don't have an autumn here in the sub tropics!

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