Email from the Library

The day before yesterday, I received an email from the public library here. It was to inform me that I can now download books to my computer, or perhaps preferably eReader. Cool! I downloaded the software and checked it out … just because I can and that’s who I am.

IPad-02However … as much as I’m in love with all the latest  technology and web related stuff, I don’t have an eReader of any kind.  Not because I can’t, but because I need someone to convince me of the advantages of reading a book on a tablet as opposed to a book.

It would be really cool to have an iPad, but just «cool» doesn’t justify it. I already have the BlackBerry and I’m not even sure I would want to be convinced of the advantages.

As I don’t use my phone for many real phone calls, an iPad could replace the phone, I guess … but many of the others, like for example Kindle, are solely e-book readers — you can’t go online and surf while your out [I think s0, at least … correct me if I’m wrong].

When I read books, I almost exclusively do it at night, in bed. Hence, I’d need one of these devices to take advantage of all this new at the library. That’s not going to happen any time soon. It’s not like ‘my busy lifestyle’ prevents me from going down to the library and pick up my books.

I’m not against e-readers/tablets in any way and I keep a very open mind. We’ll see what the future holds. Were I to get an iPad, that would be my first Apple product ever.



21 thoughts on “Email from the Library”

  1. I personally looove my iPad. I use it all the time for much more than just books (though I've read several on it now).

    I surf the web, organize my work, do emails, respond to blog postings. 😉


    1. I'd probably love an iPad too … that's a whole different story from just a reader.It looked really neat, in that picture you put up, with the little keyboard and all..

  2. Our Library has the same offer… I have 2 books on the computer… but not really thinking about reading them… and then there is a catch… the book disappears after so long, can't renew….too much pressure. I read at night also, I prefer reading the paper back…easy to handle… and oh,yeah… it doesn't hurt when I fall asleep and it hits me in the head…

    1. Cheryl,I downloaded one too, but I don't have the patience to sit here and read a book …or rather, I lose the focus.As long as I have just the computer to download them to, I don't think it's really for me.

  3. I got an EReader for Christmas and just love it. I live 35 minutes away from the closest library so it's great to be able to download books from home. saves gas, saves time. I also like the fact that I can increase the font size for reading – that's a huge benefit for me. I use it for reading articles I've downloaded as well. I've had a love affair with books all my life so wondered how I would feel about 'paperless' books and now I am a huge fan.

    1. Joceline,Well … that makes perfect sense! I could take a ten minutes walk down to the library. And being able to increase the font size is really neat.

  4. I can download books as well at our library site. However, the most recent titles, the most popular authors, are not available. It's all to do with the publishers. They rather sell the e-books than let library members make use of them…. I do have an e-reader, it was a gift from work for a course we took. But… I don't have much use for it either… I think it is handy if you spend a lot of your time on public transport. You are never without reading material that way. Or for that beach vacation in that tropical resort, so you won't have to put those ten physical books in your suitcase, LOL! But at home? No way, I'll stick to the paper book!

  5. They would be very handy in certain situations.
    I've been toying whether to treat myself an ipad for my forthcoming trip to the UK and USA. I was taking my laptop, but the ipad would be less bulky to carry around obviously. Can I do on there what I can do on my laptop like get my emails, do my blog, download photographs – you know, the usual stuff? Can you Skype on it? Not sure, have to find out.
    Or am I just being a spendthrift? I don't think I would use it to read books.

    1. Barb,I'm not sure, but I think you can do most of these things. I wish Grant would come back to these comments … I vaguely remember hearing that it didn't have a USB-port, which would mean you can't connect the camera, but I'm not sure about that. Besides, there will be a new one out before you go. Are you going to the States too?! Where there?

    2. Yes, my spouse (an IT CIO geek) reports that you can get Skype if you get the Skype client from the app store (free), get your email, photos (depending on your camera), and blog, depending on how you like touchpad keyboard. He’s a two-fingered typist, and likes the virtual keyboard.

      1. Hey Jan, thanks for answering my question about Skype! I suppose the touch keyboard would take some getting used to. Thanks again.

  6. How timely! I’ve just started reading library books on my iPhone. I’m nearsighted, and the iPhone suits my closeup Ms Magoo vision (or lack of) well. The iPad is just a tad off for me—without contact lenses or glasses, I can’t see the entire screen and with both…well, I could adjust were someone to offer me one.

    My spouse admires his iPad and each new app. I admit to feeling thrilled by the photos and a new way just created to see a page turn. The technology seems remarkable.

    And yet we have a house full of books everywhere in every room. I think we’ve managed to integrate technology with the paper books and fountain pens and spiral notebooks. Needn’t be one choice.

    Oh dear. Did I stray too much from your topic?

    1. Hi Jan,
      Thank you!!! Wonderful … now I know a lot more that I didn't have a clue about. You're so right — there need not be one choice!

      That's cool that you like using your iPhone as a reader. I could get that on my BlackBerry too, but I doubt I would read much on that little screen.

      Another thing springs to mind, when we're talking about all this … think I've read or heard about cameras where you can transfer photos wirelessly. Nikon, I think..

  7. I love books and have a lot to read and catch up on. I am reading a paper book now. I got the Nook Color for Christmas and I love it. I too have some vision trouble and the print on books is very small most of the time. You can adjust the brightness, color and font on the Nook. I can also surf the web with it.

  8. I like books better, but I do have a Kindle. That's because I have carpel tunnel in both hands and holding a book gets painful, very quickly. The Kindle is so nice and light that I can hold it without pain.

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