The other day, the topic in WP was «When did you realize you were an adult?»

The answer, right off the bat, is that … I didn’t. I’ve often thought about it, though … wondering when. Don’t think it will happen.

I worked all my life, had responsibilities, filed my tax return, did all the ‘adult things’…voted, I could even have done military service if I’d thought about it before I turned twenty six. When I was really young, I thought the fact that I could vote and get a drivers licence would change things but they didn’t.

Later in life, I thought that when my Mum passed away things would be different. They did, but not with regards to feeling adult. I saw her always as very adult. Perhaps because she was so much older … an entirely different generation. The mother/daughter relation can often be somewhat complicated, so that was perhaps what caused me to believe it.

The fact that I chose not to have children could be part of it. That, I’ll never know. Either way … the expression «I’m still a child at heart» couldn’t be more true in my case. Not that I’m childish per se, but it’s a feeling within.

The topic didn’t really appeal to me, but still … it is something that I’ve pondered over the years.

A few words about the weather instead 🙂 Yesterday was miserable with thick fog and drizzle all day. Wet, gusty winds that strangely enough didn’t blow the fog away. Today is the complete opposite, a glorious sunrise just took place.

This picture, I took the other day in Chance Harbour. Love the crashing waves. It also reminds me of when I took the little camera course, two years ago … how the importance of straightening the horizons was underscored. When I browse in my Flickr albums, I notice immediately which pictures that were taken before the course, due to the fact that the horizon isn’t straight. I think that was almost one of the very first things he brought up. Before I put this in here now, I was really gazing at it to make sure the horizon was perfectly straight LOL. The camera also has a grid in the viewfinder, which makes it easy.



6 thoughts on “Adulthood”

  1. I am not sure when I felt adult. I did at some point. I remember *thinking* I was sooo adult as a teenager but looking back I was not even close.

    I love the water photo. Wish I lived near water. I try to keep my horizons level in my photos. Try.

  2. I still got a child within me very much alive lol. Some days I feel like I am VERY adult though. I feel like 80 LOL =o/

    Lovely photo Reb!! I've noticed that some of my sunrise photo the horizons is NOT straight lol. Some photos I "fix" in PSP when I crop them I turn them a little.

    1. Mona,Yes, sometimes when I look back on the years that went by, I certainly feel old …but there is something within that never seems to really grow up!I use the free Picasa from Google, to download the pictures from the camera, and I have to straighten them often…

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