This morning, I didn’t start to write a blog right away, as I usually do. For some reason, I began to check out how it works to get Facebook’s commenting system here on my blog.

I get very little interaction from Facebook here, but whatever little activity there is, it would be nice it integrated with the regular comments. I’d seen, on a friend’s page that it is possible.  The system I used before didn’t always work, and besides it looked stupid. In Facebook, it appeared as if it was me, myself, who had made all the comments.

At first, it seemed to be working, but then it didn’t and after a while it struck me that if someone chose to comment IN Facebook it wouldn’t show up in  the blog anyway. It was a one-way-thing … if someone left a comment here, it showed up in Facebook but not the other way around. It just wasn’t worth the effort and I had already wasted so much time on it.

The fog was so thick here in Saint John this morning and it lingered all day. I stayed at home and did the laundry.

The male mallards are beginning to lose their green colors as they do when the mating season is over, I’ve heard. Before I knew that, I was often wondering where all the male ducks went because they all looked like females.



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