The Gift of Life

The WordPress team, arranging this blogging challenge, asked the question the other day: «What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?» Well … that was an easy one — My Life, of course!

In my teenage years, I felt like it either was going to last forever OR I couldn’t see one day ahead of me. Don’t know if it was just me who suffered from this misconception of time?! I also thought that people in their fifties were incredibly old! My friends and I used to imagine the year 2000 … figuring out that, in my case, I’d be forty five! Most of us doubted that we’d be alive then … it seemed so far away.

Now I’m fifty five and don’t feel ready to die at all. «Everybody wants to go to Heaven but nobody wants to go NOW!» 🙂  I’m still the same person … well, hopefully a bit more mature, but my mind is still the same.  At some point in time — can’t say exactly when — I became more aware of that my future is finite, and this gift of life all of a sudden got more precious. It felt like my whole youth had vanished in a snap!

I don’t feel old per se, but I have come to accept that there are certain things that are over — things, that were part of a different phase of my life. I don’t mourn them, and I don’t keep on thinking that I am «old».

I remember how we, at work, used to wish intensely for it to be Friday, vacation or at least the end of the work day … many people yearning for retirement.  Always wishing for time to go faster, somehow. ‘Faster to what?! Death?!’ Death is a part of life and it’s something that we all know is inevitable but most of us are really scared to talk about it.

Now, I don’t wish for any FastForward-button in life …perhaps  rather  Rewind and Erase buttons for certain periods. No! On second thought, I take that back … those tough times, that we all have experienced, have also taught us something and shaped us to what we are today. I often find that time seems to go by very rapidly and every day is precious.

I really am thankful for each sunrise I get to see — I’m looking at one right now! I don’t know the purpose of this life, but I got it and I’m living it the best I can and enjoying it. This is beginning to sound like the empty rhetoric you can see on any of all those motivational sites, but the difference here is that I really mean what I’m saying. I believe that even if you live to be 100, you want to see another sunrise unless you’re depressed/suicidal.

Don’t know that I have made a difference [yet] on any larger scale … on the World Stage … but hopefully on a smaller scale, I’ve sometimes made someone thankful that I’m around.

So … again … “the best gift” was a real easy one!



9 thoughts on “The Gift of Life”

  1. I remember thinking I would never see the year 2000. Surely I would not live to be so old! I do not feel old and never talk about myself being old. I have a friend who will say things like 'we old women' etc. I would never say that. Young thinking is better. There are things I will never do again and that is ok most of the time. What is not ok I can do nothing about. just move on.

    1. Julie,
      I would never, ever refer to myself as 'an old woman'. There are times when I sense that I'm being considered 'an old woman'…times like in stores for electronics where young people are working. Occasionally, not always.

      1. Same here. I know I am older and that is ok, but it is not ok to be called 'old'. That is unkind. And once you think you are 'old' you start to act old. My friend who does that dresses old, thinks old, and is selling her beautiful home to move into cottages attached to our nursing home. Lord!!! I can see a small apartment or small house. But a 2 room cottage attached to a nursing home?? I would be ready to give up!

  2. Interesting what you turned that question into, Rebekah.
    And interesting reflections on it — I have 20 years on you, and the situation doesn't change much. Still thankful, still curious, still with questions to ask (my latest posts on my blog are dealing with this) —-

    1. Judith,
      As I read the topic 'best gift', that was the first that came to mind: Life. Material gifts, I didn't even remember … not one stood out.

  3. I totally agree with you Rebekah – life is the greatest gift we could ever receive – nothing else compares. Material possessions come and go, but life keeps on, and usually getting better as the years pass; that's been my experience anyway! I think as we get older we appreciate life more, and what we can do with it, so it becomes more valuable.

    1. Barb,
      Right … I couldn't remember any material gift. And yes, it does get better 🙂 As I've matured, I've become more comfortable in my own skin and able to appreciate things differently.

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