Sunny Sunday

For once, I didn’t blog this morning. I just sat there and gazed, couldn’t bring myself to write anything at all. After some more coffee and a shower things were beginning to look up, but by then it was time for breakfast. I’m addicted to breakfast 🙂

Now it’s seven o’clock in the evening.

It was a fine day … both weather- and other-wise. We decided to take advantage of that so we went out for a spin … down to Dipper Harbour.

First, I went to have a look to see how the croci fared during the heavy snowfall we had. They had folded their petals but seemed alright.

These flowers have spread from some nearby house and now they’re growing out in the middle of nowhere.

Dipper Harbour isn’t far away at all and we were in no hurry whatsoever so on our way out of town, we stopped by the Reversing Falls. The tide was rolling in.

Never have we seen so many seals at the same time! Every now and then we see the occasional harbour seal … two, three at the most, but today there were probably thirty during the short time we spent there.

It looked like herring was on sale and they were all flocking to it!

For once, they were swimming by on our side of the little island in the middle, so I could get a couple of decent shots of them.



The Fallsview Marmot was also out, and he got a few peanuts from me. I gave him peanuts, one at the time, and had the other ones lined up on the railing, but the gulls  wanted in on this too 🙂

This groundhog has either met so many humans already, or it just never learned to be leery of them.

The drive was uneventful and smooth. Saw a couple of immature bald eagles. On the way there, you go by several cute little fishing villages … Chance Harbour, Maces Bay and so on … We stopped here and there, wandered around just to enjoy the view, the day and the saline air. My nose always feels so clear and clean when I breathe out by the ocean.

In Maces Bay I saw a whole slough of Black Scoter ducks, and that concludes this day’s posting of chit-chat 🙂






5 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday”

  1. It was a beautiful day here also… the temperature was up near 70* and I took a drive… spent some time talking with a friend.. about the theatre group…Not much went on… I was very lonesome for my friend… it would have been a MOST wonderful day had we been together… but oh, well… hopefully the weather will repeat itself again soon and we will be able to take advantage of it.

    1. Hello Cheryl,
      Supposedly it's going to be fine all week. The wind was still a little nippy today.

      I'm sure it will be many wonderful days now these coming months, when you and your friend will have a great time! 🙂

  2. Beautiful flowers! I cannot imagine living where I could see seals! How fun! And feeding peanuts! I used to have a squirrel that I hand fed. very cool.

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